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XXI International Conference on Bioencapsulation

August 28-30, 2013 - Berlin, Germany

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O01_1 Novel Hydrocolloid Carriers for Efficient Biocontrol of Soilborne Plant-Pathogen
A. Nussinovitch
O01_2 Controlled temperature responsive particle production by membrane emulsification
Vamanu M.P., Holdich R.G.
O01_3 Biocide-loaded microcontainers obtained by water-based ultrasound chemistry
Borodina T., Marchenko I., Bukreeva T., Galatenko O., Terekhova L.,et al.
O01_4 New binary polyelectrolyte systems for bacteria encapsulation.
Sobol M. and Bartkowiak A.
O01_5 WOW Multiple microencapsulation of food ingredients. The organic alternative
Gimeno M.
O01_6 Development of CO2 releasing beads as attractive component for novel « attract-
Patel, A. V., Beitzen-Heineke, W., Vemmer, M.
O01_7 Encapsulation and release of active species for protective coatings and correspo
Tedim, J., Maia, F., Fernandes, S., Silva, A.P., Cunha A., Almeida A., et al.
O01_8 Enhanced biosurfactant synthesis by cryogel entrapped bacteria
Kabaivanova L., Christova N., Petrov P.
O02_1 Alternative way for tailoring acid stability, barrier and/or adsorbent propertie
Ré M.I, Da Costa Neto B.P., Da Mata A.L.M.L, Lopes M.V., Rossi-Bergmann B.
O02_2 Shellac coating enhances survival of probiotics during storage and the possible
Ying DY, Zhu SC, Cheng LJ, Sanguansri L and Augustin MA
O02_3 Encapsulation of structured phenolic lipids by complex coacervation method
Aziz S., Neufeld R.J., and Kermasha S.
O02_4 Viability of encapsulated probiotics; effect of encapsulation materials and food
Martin-Villena M., Dijkstra A.R., De Hoog, E.H.A
O02_5 Effect of wall structure and formulation on O2 barrier of spray dried flavorings
Reineccius G. A
O02_6 Encapsulation of betalain into double w/o/w emulsion
Kaimainen M., Marze S., Järvenpää E., Anton M., Huopalahti R.
O02_7 Protection of oxygen-sensitive ingredients using composite microencapsulation ma
Ten Cate A.T., van Ee R.J., Eversdijk J.
O02_8 Saponin-based micelles as carrier for lutein: Effect of pH and presence of gluco
Tippel J., Gohde L., Drusch S.
O03_1 Emulsions and nanoparticles on innovative biocatalysis, design of drug delivery
Fonseca L.P.
O03_2 Novel Alginate Based Amphiphilic Drug-Conjugated Graft Copolymers for Controlled
Kapishon V, Cunningham M, Neufeld R, Whitney R and Champagne P.
O03_3 Supercritical fluid extraction of emulsions for the production of vitamin E nano
Prieto C., Calvo L.
O03_4 Encapsulation of polyphenol rich extract from Syzygium aromaticum in solid lipid
Cortés-Rojas D.F., Souza C.R.F., Oliveira W.P.