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XXI International Conference on Bioencapsulation

August 28-30, 2013 - Berlin, Germany

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 60] [61 to 80] [81 to 100] [101 to 117]

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Ref. Contributions 101 to 117 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P_61 Delivery of oseltamivir phosphate and gemcitabine from plga in the treatment of
Allison S, Ellis J, Abdulkhalek S, Lappan C, Hrynyk M, Szewczuk M, Neufeld R
P_62 Co-culture tumor spheroids in microcapsules to study tumor-normal cells interact
Akasov R., Zaytseva-Zotova D., Burov S., Markvicheva E.
P_63 Comparison of spray drying and spray chilling methods to obtain microparticles c
Alvim I. D., Sousa F. S., Koury I. P., Jurt, T., Baggio S. R., Soares B. M.
P_64 Alginate-based microparticles coated with whey protein: gastrointestinal resista
Alvim I. D., Tello F., Grosso C.R.F.
P_65 Encapsulation of fungi in novel formulations for soil pest control
Przyklenk M., Hanitzsch M., Patel A.
P_66 Microencapsulation by complex coacervation: Study of the emulsification step
Ach D., Briançon S., Broze G., Chevalier Y.
P_67 Microencapsulation of cinnamon oil for antimicrobial coating application
Tan Q., Bartkowiak A.
P_68 Coating of single living cells in micro-organized polyelectrolyte shells using l
Nguyen T.D., Waché Y., Lherminier J., Saurel R. and Husson F.
P_69 Preliminary design of freeze-dried microemulsion containing Amphotericin B
Silva-Filho M.A. et al.
P_70 Evaluation of the antifungal activity of microemulsions containing Amphotericin
Silva-Filho M.A. et al.
P_71 Monodisperse Pickering emulsions using Au nanoparticles for bioencapsulation
Yamanaka K., Nishino S., Naoe K., and Imai M.
P_72 Microencapsulation of pufa rich oil using pea protein and pectin
Aberkane L., Roudaut G. and Saurel R.
P_73 Emulsions based on copaiba essential oil: a source of treatment for infectious d
Faria M.A.S. et al.
P_74 Surface activity of hexane extract of egg yolk. A preliminary study
Bryla A., Rojewska M., Prochaska K., Lewandowicz G.
P_75 Encapsulation of waxes
Alvim I.D., Prata A.S., Grosso C.R.F.
P_76 Entrapment of DNA plasmids into modified poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) nanoparticles
Zaytseva E., Markvicheva E., Selina O., Kulikov P., Balysheva V. et al.
P_77 Solid lipid nanoparticles entrapping curcumin by supercritical fluid technology
Sao Pedro, A.; Caliceti, P.; Elvassore, N.; Bertucco, A.; Albuquerque, E.C.