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XXI International Conference on Bioencapsulation

August 28-30, 2013 - Berlin, Germany

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 60] [61 to 80] [81 to 100] [101 to 117]

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Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P_01 Batch and fed-batch synthesis of butyrohydroxamic acid using alginate gel entrap
Chand D., Arora K., Pandey D., Kumari P., Devi N. and Singh R.
P_02 Stability of curcumin encapsulated in blends of maltodextrin, gum Arabic and mod
Telis V. R. N., Cano-Higuita D. M.
P_03 Influence of homogenization processes on curcumin encapsulation by freeze and sp
Telis V.R.N., Malacrida C.R.
P_04 Encapsulation via Microfluidics: An Economic Feasibility Study
Rodrigo-Gomez R., Gasull-Morales A., Fernandez-Prieto S., Smets J.
P_05 Spray drying of grape juice as affected by carrier agent concentration and dryin
Moser P., Telis V.R.N.
P_06 Whey protein concentrated/maltodextrin blend as carrier agent to grape juice spr
Moser P., Janzantti N.S., Souza R.T., Telis V.R.N.
P_07 Different Techniques for the Encapsulation of Probiotics
Ghorbani M., Jafari S.M.
P_08 Enzyme Bioencapsulation Using Magnetic Fe3o4-Chitosan
Costa-Silva T.A., Marques P.S., Souza C.R.F., Said S., Oliveira W.P.
P_09 Influence of a limited enzymatic hydrolysis on the functional properties of β-l
Tamm F., Gies K., Serfert Y., Drusch S.
P_10 Influence of drying technologies on encapsulation of green tea catechins in lipo
Souza C.R.F., Secolin V.A., Oliveira W.P.
P_11 Novel synthesis route of silica based networks for immobilization of a hydrogen
Patel A., Homburg S. V., Kraushaar K., Kroke E., Müller C.
P_12 Micro/nanoencapsulation of citriodiol with ethyl cellulose for repellent textile
Hermida L., Arata J., Specos M., Topollan D., Gauna R., Arabia F., Córd
P_13 Computational modelling of air suspension coating for bioencapsulation
Ying DY, Hilton JE, Sanguansri L and Cleary PW
P_14 Platelets responce to hydroxyapatite-alginate matrixes
Krylova E, Krasheninnikov M.,Makarov M.,Novikova N
P_15 Peroxide filled poly (methyl methacrylate) microcapsules for non-pulmonary oxyge
McHugh M.A., Mallepally R., Ward K.
P_16 A new method for fungal genetics: flow cytometry of microencapsulated filamentou
Smet F., Delgado-Ramos L., MarcosA.T., Cánovas D. and Chávez S.
P_17 Water sorption isotherms of spray dried cherimoya puree
Morales-Medina R., Muñío M.M., Guadix A. and Guadix E.M.
P_18 Protection of bioactive peptides using spray coating
Gough R., Miao S., Brodkorb A., Hill C. and Rea M. C.
P_19 Encapsulation in yeast - new challenge for promising applications in food techno
Pham-Hoang B.N., Waché Y.
P_20 Hyphenated thermoanalytical methods for characterization of essential oil microp
Oliveira W.P., Fernande, L.P., Novák Cs.