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XXI International Conference on Bioencapsulation

August 28-30, 2013 - Berlin, Germany

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 60] [61 to 80] [81 to 100] [101 to 117]

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Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O03_5 Development of 3D nanoprisms for specific detetction of bacteria in complex envi
Lacroix C. and Yaffee M.
O03_6 Encapsulation of oil in Ca-alginate microcapsules by inverse gelation technique
Martins E., Renard D., Davy J., Marquis M. and Poncelet D.
O03_7 Encapsulation by membrane emulsification
Dragosavac M. M., Vladisavljević G.T., Holdich R.G
O03_8 Thermoprotective bioencapsulation of chlorella cells within silica/titania nanos
Ko E. H., Yoon Y. and Choi I. S.
O04_1 Microcapsule design for encapsulation of islets of Langerhans: An ongoing effort
Lacik I.
O04_2 In vitro simulation of in vivo performance of oral dosed nanoparticulate insulin
Neufeld R.J., Golkaran F., Pinto Reis C., and Damgé C.
O04_3 Long-lasting eye drop delivery platform for targeted ocular delivery application
Liu S., Verma M.S., Jones L., Gu F.X.
O04_4 Engineered Hydrogels for Cell Microencapsulation and Subsequent Transplantation
Mahou R, Borcard F, Meier RPH, Gonelle-Gispert C, Bühler LH, Wandrey C
O04_5 Synthetic Polymer Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation and as Cell Supports
Stover H.
O04_6 Design of polymeric-based nanoparticles for treatment of skin conditions: atopic
Silva C., Gomes A., Candeias S., Rijo P., Pinto Reis C., et al.
O04_7 Beta-glucans for developing multifunctional drug delivery platforms
Verma M.S., Lehtovaara B.C., Jones L.W. and Gu F.X.
O04_8 CellEnc TM: new microfluidic platform for automated cell encapsulation
ForviE DalleP BoizotF AlessioM BelleminA CostaG CaillatP BenhamouP RiveraF
O05_1 From art to science in fluid bed coating optimization
Meesters G.
O05_2 A CLSM method for the dynamic observation of pH within alginate matrices
Cook M.T., Saratoon T., Tzortzis G., Edwards A., Charalampopoulos D., Khuto
O05_3 Behaviour of different proteins exposed to microencapsulation process: influence
Trindade RA, Melo-Filho AC, Carvalho LR, Veloso-Junior PHH
O05_4 Self-assembly of submicron-sized colloidosomes with tailorable nanopores
Bollhorst T., Grieb T., Rosenauer A., Fuller G., Maas M., Rezwan K.
O05_5 Spectral screening to monitor the encapsulation yield and controlled release of
Socaciu C., Trif M., Vodnar D. and Pop O. L.
O05_6 A complement-based approach to studying nanomaterial biocompatibility : Studying
Huang J. G., Gu F. X.
O05_7 Preparation, Optimization And Surface Modification Of Magnetic PLGA Nanoparticle
Shubhra Q.T.H., Feczkó T. and Gyenis J.
O05_8 Case Sudy for Stabilization and controlled release of microorganisms based on fl
Jacob M., Gary D.