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XVII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 24-26, 2009 - Groningen, Netherlands

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Ref. Contributions 81 to 100 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-38 Calcium carbonate as modifier of mechanical properties of alginate/Ca microbeads
Sobecka K., Bartkowiak A.
P-39 Nanoscale analysis of insulin-biopolymeric nanoparticles using AFM
Woitiski C.B., Pimentel V., Neufeld R., Ribeiro A., Veiga F.
P-40 Production of isonicotinic acid using agar entrapped whole cells of Nocardia glo
Bhalla T.C., Mehta P.K., Sharma N.N., Bhatia S.K
P-41 Immobilization of cells in biocompatible films to cell therapy
Martin Del Valle E., Perez Herrero E., Galán M.A.
P-42 Polylelectrolyte capsules as carrier systems for biosensing and drug delivery
del Mercato L.L., Abbasi A.Z., Kreft O., Bédard M., Sukhorukov G.B., Parak W.J.
P-43 Fabrication of PVA Hydrogel/Chitosan capsules for Bioencapsulation
Patil S., Manna U.
P-44 Novel polymer coupled lipid nanoparticle based in-situ docetaxel formulation
Singodia D., Kalra N., Verma A., Gupta G.K., Shukla P., Mishra P.R.
P-45 Bioethanol from plum waste by SSF process catalyzed by immobilized yeast cells
Stepanov N., Semenova M., Scherbakov S., Sinitsyn S., Efremenko E.
P-46 Efficacy trial of multiple micronutrient food supplement on children
Vinodkumar M., Rajagopalan S.
P-47 Use of entrapped algal beads for development of biocathode for wastewater treatm
Yadav A.K., Panda P., Rout P., Behara S., Patra A. K., Nayak S. K.
P-48 Production of feso4 microparticles using pea protein concentrate as wall materia
Citelli M., Pedrosa C., Bittencourt L., Finotelli P., Ricci E., Pierucci A.
P-49 Microfluidic synthesis of liposome for drug delivery system
Phapal S., Tuhina V., Mahendra A., Sunthar P., Tirumkudulu M.S., Khakhar D.V.
P-50 Ultrasound preparation of antipsychotic-loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN)
Silva A., Gonzalez E., Egea M., Garcia M., Santos D., Ferreira D., Souto E.
P-51 Preparation of triclosan microcapsules and printing on cotton textiles
Sumiga B., Ocepek B., Forte-Taveer P., Boh B.
P-52 Microencapsulation of antimicrobial agents by three chemical methods
Boh B., Sumiga B., Salar-Behzadi S., Viernstein H.
P-53 Microencapsulated Gold Nanorods in Thermosensitive Polymer for Drug Delivery
Srivastava R., Yadav S., Shah A.
P-54 Controlled release of microencapsulated strains of Lactobacillus plantarum in a
Vandamme T., Gbassi G.K., Ennahar S., Marchioni E.
P-55 Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles on the polyelectrolyte microcapsules shells
Orlova O.A., Bukreeva T.V.
P-56 Encapsulation of recombinant cells E. coli catalysing Baeyer-Villiger oxidations
Bucko M., Gemeiner P., Krajcovic T., Vikartovska A., Lacik I., Mihovilovic
P-57 Silver/fibroin/alginate microspheres for wound and ulcer therapy
Bucco M., Chlapanidas T., Farago S., Vigo D., Faustini M., Marazzi M., Torre M.