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XVII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 24-26, 2009 - Groningen, Netherlands

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Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O10-2 Controlled release of chemotherapeutics for cancer therapy
Gu F.
O10-3 Alginate based microbeads containing Wharton’s Jelly Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Mazzitelli S., Penolazzi L., Piva R., Nastruzzi C.
O10-4 Pancreatic cell encapsulation by alginate emulsion and internal gelation
Hoesli C.A., Raghuram K., Donald C., Kiang R., Kieffer T.J., Piret J.M.
P-01 Chitosan-alginate matrices as the carriers for the liposomal medical products
Manaenkov O., Kislitza O., Sidorov A., Savin A.
P-02 Research and Development of Sol-Gel Hybrids for Obtaining of Hybrid Biomaterials
Kabaivanova L., Chernev G., Aleksieva P., Nacheva L., Salvado I.M.M.
P-03 Natural matrix biocapsules as base to specificity biocenocomplexes
Voropaeva N., Ruban I., Kalimbetova R., Shadmanov R., Ochilov R., Sagdullaev A
P-04 Prospects of the use new technology of the exfoliate capsulation of rice seeds
Sharipov M., Ruban I., Voropaeva N., Yusupov K.
P-05 Microparticles specific for lung delivery: in-vivo drug distribution in monkeys
Verma R.K., Misra A.
P-06 Information transmission possible mechanisms in natural capsule
Ruban I., Voropaeva N., Sharipov M.
P-07 Coated cationic liposome-based lipid carriers for antisense therapy
Sikorski A.F., Chmielewska M., Kuliczkowski K., Walasek M., Wyrozumska P.
P-08 A model for evaluating the capability of dermal papilla cells to induce hair fol
Li Y., Lin C.M., Cai X.N., Li G.Q.
P-09 Encapsulation of sesame oil by microemulsion technique: Study of phase diagram
Okonogi S., Saeio K., Chaiyana W., Yotwimonwat S., Niwatananan W.
P-10 Factors affecting phase behavior of microemulsions comprising Cymbopogon citratu
Okonogi S., Chaiyana W., Saeio K., Yotwimonwat S., Niwatananan W.
P-11 Chitosan microspheres of carvedilol for nasal delivery: in vivo characterization
Patil S., Babbar A., Mathur R., Mishra A., Sawant K.
P-12 Nanoencapsulation of Insulin with HPMCP Using Supercritical Antisolvent Techniqu
Zhao Y.P., Jing H.Y.
P-13 Microencapsulation of retinol-acetate in alginate microspheres
Kislitza O., Manaenkov O., Savin A.
P-14 Alginate microcapsule with liquid core templated by gelatin microparticles
Ito S., Sakai S., Kawakami K.
P-15 Glass transition and water sorption of spray dried mussel meat hydrolysate
Silva V.M, Park K.J., Hubinger M.D.
P-16 Dexamethasone loaded microspheres as carriers for biosensor inflammation control
Jayant R.D., Srivastava R.
P-17 Chemiluminescent peroxyoxalate nanoparticles for hydrogen peroxide analysis
Joshi A., Srivastava R.