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XVII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 24-26, 2009 - Groningen, Netherlands

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O01-1 Cell encapsulation in inorganic polymers: recent achievements, future challenges
Coradin T., Amoura M., Roux C., Nassif N., Livage J.
O01-2 Development of microcapsules as a tool for producing multicellular spheroids
Sakai S., Ito S., Ogushi Y., Kawakami K.
O01-3 Immobilization of xylanase produced by a new isolate Bacillus pumilus MTCC8964
Kumar D., Verma R., Savitri, Chand D., Bhalla T.C.
O01-4 Stability and activity of laccase and glucose oxidase in PEI microcapsules
Rochefort D., Zhang Y.
O02-1 Encapsulates to deliver great flavours to food products
Zuidam N.J., Jublot L., Suijker M.J., Ziere A., Smit G.
O02-2 Properties of microcapsules based on pea protein, pectin and maltodextrins
Gharsallaoui A., Chambin O., Saurel R.
O02-3 Drying of encapsulated herbal extract in a packed bed system
Yim Z.H., Mansa R.F., Ravindra P., Chan E.S.
O02-4 Low-energy nano-emulsifications: Overview and potentials in microencapsulation
Anton N., Li X., Vandamme T.F.
O02-5 A novel preservation and delivery technology for live probiotics, enzymes and vi
Harel M., Tang J.
O03-1 Process control for fluid bed coating
Poncelet D., Elmafadi S., Prata A.S., Boilleraux L.
O03-2 Preparation of cephalexin microspheres by double emulsion technique
Okonogi S., Chaisri W., Hennink W.E.
O03-3 Preparation of polymer microspheres and their use in enzyme immobilzation
Shukla P.G., Shinde S.A., Karndikar S.K., Prabhune A.A.
O03-4 Development of a new technology of microencapsulation to cell therapy based on a
Martin Del Valle E., Perez Herrero E., Galán M.A.
O04_4 Taste masking through microencapsulation
Wysshaar M.
O04-1 Polymers for microencapsulation in biomedicine
De Vos P.
O04-2 Double encapsulation of insulin: a new pharmaceutical vector for oral route
Parat A., Danicher L., Frere Y., Reix N., Seyfritz E., Sigrist S.
O04-3 The influence of coat to core ratio on the production of legumes proteins isolat
Pierucci A.P.T.R., Pereira H.V.R., Andrade L.R., Pedrosa C.
O04-4 Nanoimprinted, magnetically assembled microcontainers for cell therapy
Gimi B., Kwon J., Trivedi K., Krishnamurthy N.V., Hu W., Lee J.B.
O05-1 Fats in Microencapsulation Applications: Benefits and Limitations
Lakkis J.
O05-2 Microencapsulation-based technologies for effective delivery of micronutrients
Li Y.O., Diosady L.L.