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XVII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 24-26, 2009 - Groningen, Netherlands

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 60] [61 to 80] [81 to 100] [101 to 120] [121 to 137]

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Ref. Contributions 121 to 137 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-79 Xanthan chitosan polyionic hydrogels for microencapsulation of probiotics
Soma P.K., Lo Y.M.
P-80 Stability of spray-dried microencapsulated citral
Loksuwan J.
P-81 Pharmacological activity from arrabidea chica verlot bioencapsulated with arabi
Rodrigues R.A.F., Jorge M.P., Sousa I.M. de O., Lima J., Ruiz A.L.T.
P-82 Milk fat globule as a nano/microscale release device: effect of breed
Faustini M, Chlapanidas T, Colombani C Lazzati M, Conte U, Vigo D, Torre ML
P-83 Biosynthesis of aroma esters in miniemulsion as potential green media
Fonseca L.P., de Barros D. P. C., Cabral J. M.S., Weiss C. K., Landfester
P-84 Biocatalysts prepared by the entrapment of inulinase and penicillin G acylase in
Fonseca L. P., Bernardino S.M.S.A. , Santa G.L.M., Fernandes P.
P-85 Viability of probiotics exopolymers beads exposed to specific in vitro condition
Jimenez-Pranteda M.L., Poncelet D., Ramos-Cormenzana A., Monteoliva-Sanchez M.
P-86 Chitosan as bioavailability enhancer of nanoparticle containing biopharmaceutics
Neto A., Gehm C., Teixeira J., Martins S., Ferreira D., Sarmento B.
P-88 Rhizobacteria protection by adhesion to starch granules
Schoebitz M., Simonin H., Poncelet D.
P-90 Inceased Anticancer Potancy of I3C by Some Life Essential Metals.
Modi G., Pitre K.S.
P-91 Bioencapsulation of beta-carotene in three different methods
Ozcelik B., Karadag A., Ersen, S.
P-92 Delivery of encapsulated Human Recombinant Crystalline Insulin from PLGA Microsp
Hrynyk M., Martins-Green M., Barron A.E., Neufeld R.
P-94 Microencapsulation of flavours in Caranauba wax
Bugarski B., Levic S., Milanovic J., Manojlovic V., Nedovic V.
P-95 Virial stress- A key control parameter for immobilized hybridoma cells
Bugarski B., Pajic-Lijakovic I., Manojlovic V., Bugarski D., Stojanovic R., Plav
P-96 Comparison of various wall materials for the micrencapsulation of essential oils
Baranauskiene R., Venskutonis R.
P-97 Formulation and evaluation of gastric-mucoadhesive microcapsules of captopril
Altaf M. A., Imran A., Talath. S., Fatima S., Hasanpasha S
P-98 Ultrasonic vs. clasical nozzles in probiotics encapsulation applications
Ciric Al., Toma Al.