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XVIII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

October 1-2, 2010 - Porto, Portugal

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Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-007 Buriti (Mauritia flexuosa) oil incorporation in lyophilized liposomes
Pinho, S.C.; Silva, C.R.; Bertho, S.C.
P-008 Tigecycline encapsulation into poly(methylmethacrylate) drug delivery systems
Matos A,Padrela L,Rodrigues M,Matos H,Duarte A,Almeida A,Bettencourt A
P-009 Immobilization of protease produced by new isolate Bacillus subtilis MTCC9226
Kumar D., Prakash C. , Sharma I. and Verma R.
P-010 Evaluation of surfactants of thyme oil microcapsules prepared by coacervation
Martins I. M., Rodrigues S. N., Barreiro F., Rodrigues A.E.
P-011 Factorial design-a tool to optimize the composition of solid lipid nanoparticles
Vitorino C., Carvalho F., Almeida A., Sousa J. and Pais A.
P-012 Casein hydrolysate encapsulated in lyophilized liposomes
Pinho S.C., Moraes M. and Yokota D.
P-013 Encapsulated oil-in-water emulsion stable to lipid peroxidation
Antipina M.N., Lomova M.V., Sukhorukov G.B.
P-014 Different iodinated nano-emulsions for preclinical x-ray imaging applications
Li X., Anton N. and Vandamme Th. F.
P-015 NIPAM based nanogels for thermoresponsive drug delivery applications
Subhash D, Srivastava R
P-016 Implantable fluorescent nanoparticles for “smart tattoo based” dissolved oxy
Joshi, A. B. and Srivastava R.
P-017 Mucoadhesive chitosan microspheres as a delivery system for nasal insufflation
Patil S. and Sawant K.
P-018 Wall material selection to encapsulation by spray drying
Prata A. S., Hubinger M.D.
P-019 Microencapsulation of flaxseed oil by spray drying
Tonon, RV, Grosso, CRF and Hubinger, MD
P-020 Biocompatible Nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs) for effective protection of s
Gulbake Arvind and Jain Sanjay Kumar
P-021 Entrapped lipase hydrogel used in ester synthesis
Rajeev Kaushal, S.S. Kanwar and Raj Kaushal
P-022 Selective antibacterial activity of some novel zirconium complex(s)
Raj Kaushal and Rajeev Kaushal
P-023 Synthesis of anti-HIV/anti-tumor BHA using gel entrapped Nocardia globerula
Chand D. and Vitzthum F.
P-024 Secretomic profile of cystic fibrosis cells encapsulated in alginate microbeads
Mazzitelli S, Borgatti M, Breveglieri G, Gambari R, Capretto L, Nastruzzi
P-025 Production of microparticles using pectin and denatured whey protein
Gigante M L; Gerez C L; Font de Valdez G; Grosso C R F
P-026 Viability of L. casei microencapsulated under gastrointestinal conditions
Gigante M L; Gerez C L; Font de Valdez G; Grosso C R F