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XVIII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

October 1-2, 2010 - Porto, Portugal

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Ref. Contributions 101 to 120 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-067 Viability of encapsulated recombinant E. coli during Bayer-Villiger biooxidation
Schenkmayerova A, Bucko M, Gemeiner P, Chorvat D, Lacik I, HucikM, Mihovilovic M
P-068 Microencapsulation of micronutrients in multiple micronutrient food supplement
VinodKumar M., Rajagopalan S.
P-069 Development and in vitro characterization of drug-loaded gelatin nanosystem
Pinto Reis, C., Nunes, F.F, Rosado, C, Rodrigues, L.M
P-070 Surface accumulation of caseinate and casein hydrolysate during spray-drying
Drusch S., Berger, A., Serfert, Y., Schwarz, K.
P-071 Hemocompatible microparticles with glycoconjugates as novel immunosorbents
Markvicheva E, Selina O, Bartkowiak A, Bovin N, Grandfils Ch
P-072 Entrapment of sulphate reducing bacteria for environmental applications
Yadav A.K.,Mohanty A., and Mohanty A.
P-073 Skin-cleansing compositions for cosmetic applications enriched with Vitamin-E en
Poonam Kaushik
P-074 Immobilized cells of filamentous fungus Aspergillus terreus producing cellulases
Gudkov D. , Stepanov N., Efremenko E., Varfolomeev S.
P-075 Nanoencapsulation of bovine GMP for food and biopharmaceutical applications
Balcao V.M., Morsy T.A., Costa C.I., Matos C.M., Moutinho C.G., Teixeira J.A.
P-076 Synthesis of tea tree oil microcapsules as antimicrobial agent
Sanchez-Navarro M.M., Cuesta-Garrote N., Aran-Ais F., Orgiles-Barcelo C.
P-077 A lipid nanovesicle system encasing bacteriophages for inhalational therapy.
Balcao V., Castro L., Azevedo A., Moura A., Moutinho C., Teixeira J., Azeredo J
P-078 Surface modified pseudo-nanocapsules for improved absorption of cyclosporine A
Gupta G.K., Khar R.K., Talegaonkar S. and Mishra P.R.
P-079 Entrapment of Tacca chantrieri extract in chitosan- alginate nanoparticles
Okonogi S., Suchada S., Yotsawimonwat S., and Niwatananun W.
P-080 Factors influencing physicochemical property of T. divaricata extract loaded SLN
Okonogi S., Neimkhum W., Niwatananun W., and Yotsawimonwat S.
P-081 Encapsulation of Thymus serpyllum L. aqueous extract in Ca-alginate microbeads
Manojlovic V., Belscak-Cvitanovic A., Komes D. , Nedovic V., Bugarski B.
P-082 Mechanical properties of yeast cell growth dynamics within hydrogels
Bugarski B., Nedovic V., Pajic-Lijakovic I., Manojlovic V., Plavsic M.
P-083 Alginate beads for transdermal drug delivery: I – Design and characterization
Fernandes C., Rosado C., Carvalho P., Pinto Reis C.
P-084 Fractionation of Phyllanthus emblica extract for encapsulated products
Okonogi S. Japanya K. Hongwiset D. and Yotsawimonwat S.
P-085 Polyacrylamide carriers for immobilizing chromatographic separation of bacter
Senko O., Maslova O., Efremenko E., Podorozhko E., Lozinsky V.
P-086 Alginate beads for transdermal drug delivery: II- In vitro permeation studies
Carvalho P., Pinto Reis C., Fernandes, C. and Rosado, C.