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XVIII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

October 1-2, 2010 - Porto, Portugal

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 60] [61 to 80] [81 to 100] [101 to 120] [121 to 140] [141 to 151]

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Ref. Contributions 121 to 140 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-087 Liposomal drug delivery systems : approaching fluoroquinolone encapsulation
Sousa I, Gameiro P
P-088 Oral immunity against infectious salmon anaemia in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)
Tobar JA, Caruffo M, Betz Y, Bravo C, Jerez S, Goodrich T and Dhar AK
P-089 Emulsifier properties of polar lipid fraction from oat (Avena sativa)
Kaimainen M., Kaariste M., Järvenpää E., Rantamäki P. and Huopalahti R.
P-090 Encapsulation of Probiotic for Dairy Food Application - a Review
Rodrigues, F. ; Andrade, J.C. ; Oliveira, B.
P-091 Increasing the termotolerance of Saccharomyces cerevisiare by encapsulation
Ylitervo P., Franzén CJ. and Taherzadeh MJ.
P-092 Biogas production by Encapsulated digesting bacteria
Youngsukkasem S. , Rakshit K.S and Taherzadeh M. J.
P-093 Assessment of ceramic beads as a carrier for bacteria immobilisation
Nikolajeva V., Potapova K., Svinka V., Cimmers A., Muter O.
P-094 Development of fluorescent-loaded SLN and uptake studies in glioma cell line
Martins S., Carneiro T., Ferreira D.C. and Souto E.B.
P-095 Investigation of release of active species from inert nanomaterials
Kuznetsova A., Tedim J., Salak A., Zheludkevich M.L., Ferreira M.G.S.
P-096 Formation of Nanocapsules with Emulsion Core and Pegylated Shell by Polyelectrol
Szczepanowicz K., Hoel H.J., Gaudernack G. and Warszyński P.
P-097 Cellular association of liposomal formulations with in THP-1 cells.
Constantino A, Ferronha MH, Correia I, Gonçalves LM, Cruz MEM Gaspar MM
P-098 Encapsulation of mercaptobenzothiazole in silica nanocapsules and release study
Maia F., Tedim J., Zheludkevich M.L. and Ferreira M.G.S.
P-099 Thymoquinone @ β-cyclodextrin nanoencapsulation system: a preliminary study
Moreira da Silva A, Gaspar R, Domingues N, Marques H
P-100 A novel technique for the generation of multiple alginate layers
Ehrhart F., Böse T., Zimmermann H.
P-101 Fermentation and formulation strategies for endophytic Beauveria bassiana: first
Patel A. V. and Jakobs-Schönwandt D.
P-102 Microencapsulation of probiotic bacteria in alginate-protein mixtures
Andrade J.C., Ferreira M., Cardoso S. and Cardoso C.
P-103 Layered Double Hydroxide as a carrier of an anti-inflammatory drug
Cunha V.R.R. Guilherme V.A. de Paula E. de Araujo D.R.and Constantino V.R.L.
P-104 Encapsulation of monacolin-k by spray drying
Freitas L.A.P. *, Teixeira G.A. and Teixeira C. C. C.
P-105 Lipossome enrichment enables taurine delivery to Sparus aurata larvae
Pinto W., Figueira L., Conceição L., Dinis M.T., Aragão, C
P-106 Tracking morphology of nanoparticles produced by emulsif./internal gelatio
Damas L.,Fonseca D.,Fonseca C.,Santos A.,Veiga F.,Ribeiro A.J.