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XVIII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

October 1-2, 2010 - Porto, Portugal

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Inorganic-organic biomaterials as a substrate for cell immobilization
Chernev G., Kabaivanova L., Salvado I., Fernandes M.
O1-2 Synthesis of a linear copolymer Poly(lactic acid)-b-Dextran for drug delivery
Liu S., Gu F. X.
O1-3 Preparation of gastroresistant mesalazine lipidic microcapsules
Rossi A., Balducci A.G., Corace G., Cavallari C., Rodriguez L., Colombo P.
O1-4 Novel Locust Bean Gum Nanoparticles for Protein Delivery
Braz L., Grenha A., Sarmento B., Rosa da Costa A.
O2-1 Preparation of Lutein-loaded Zein nanospheres by Supercritical CO2 Antisolvent
Zhao Yaping, Lin Changchun
O2-2 Curdlan: a new hydrophobic platform for copolymer drug delivery systems
Lehtovaara B. and Gu F.
O2-3 Microfluidic production of polymeric micelles for mithramycin encapsulation
Capretto L, Hill M, Zhang X, Mazzitelli S and Nastruzzi C
O2-4 Compressibility of alginate microparticles made by emulsification
Lopes M., Veiga F., Ribeiro A.
O3-1 Functionalized nanocolloidal constructs for targeted delivery of antioxidants
Devyani Dube, Suresh P. Vyas
O3-2 Encapsulation of crosslinked gelatin nanofibers to better mimic ECM conditions w
Steele J., Neufeld R.
O3-3 Novel method for silicone based particle coating using a fluidized bed reactor
Nieguth R, Maudhuit A, Poncelet D, Ansorge-Schumacher MB
O3-4 Polysaccharides modified in solid-state for encapsulation of bioactive molecules
Demina T, Akopova T, Chernyshenko A, Markvicheva E, Zelenetskii A
O4-1 Structural surface changes and inflammatory responses against alginate-based mic
de Haan B., Rossi A., Sonvico F., Colombo P., de Vos P.
O4-2 Microfluidic Synthesis of Polymeric Nanoparticles for Targeted Cancer Therapy
Gu F.
O4-3 Bioencapsulated antigen induces significant immune response on oral immunization
Shukla A., Singh B. and Katare O. P.
O5-1 Sustained and prolonged topical delivery of bioactive human insulin for potentia
Hrynyk M., Martins-Green M., Barron A.E., and Neufeld R.J.
O5-2 Microencapsulated multicellular tumour spheroids as a novel in vitro model
Tsoy A., Kuznetsova N., Zaytseva-Zotova D., Drozdova M., Vodovozova E.
O5-3 Improving Safety of Venom Immunotherapy using MS-PLGA for Antigen Delivery
R. A. Trindade, V.C. Rescia, O.A.B. Sant Anna, Bueno da Costa, M.H.
O6-1 Alginate film with bacteriocins, a sanitizer for the food industry.
Schoebitz, R., Villareal, K., Ciampi, L., Fuentes, R., Horzella, M.
O6-2 Cider and red wine production with multiple application of immobilized yeast
Stepanov N., Kurbatova A., Scherbakov S., Efremenko E.