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XVIII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

October 1-2, 2010 - Porto, Portugal

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Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O6-3 Production of isomaltulose by Serratia plymuthica cells immobilized
Carvalho PH., Kawaguti HY. and Sato HH.
O6-4 Coating of protein-based micro-beads for improved protection of sensitive ingred
Brodkorb A, Doherty, SB and Auty MA
O7-1 Encapsulated bacterial and algal cells involved in bioremediation processes
Kabaivanova L., Chernev G., Toncheva-Panova T.
O7-2 Physical characteristics of coffee oil microcapsules produced by spray drying
Prata, A.S., Frascareli E.C., Silva V.M., Hubinger, M.D.
O7-3 Encapsulation of oxygen carriers and glucose oxidase for higher gluconate yield
Bucko M., Gemeiner P., Vikartovska A., Mislovicova D., Lacik I., Tkac J.
O7-4 Microencapsulation-based food fortification through Ultra Rice technology
Li, Y. O., Diosady, L. L.
O8-1 Micro encapsulation of proteins and spores of Bacillus thruringiensis HD-1
Barrera-Cortes J., Garcia-Gutierrez K. and Esparza Garcia F.
O8-2 Applications of encapsulated actives
Sørensen G., Nygaard S.D., Poulsen M. and Nielsen A.L.
O8-3 Encapsulated plant growth-promoting bacteria for agriculture and the environment
Bashan Y., Trejo A., Lopez B.R., de-Bashan L.E., Moreno M., Bacilio M., V
O8-4 Liquid-core microcapsules: A novel mechanism for compound recovery and purificat
Whelehan M. and Marison I.W.
O9-1 Polymer-immobilized microalgae for removing nitrogen and phosphorus from water
de-Bashan, L.E., Hernandez, J.-P., Covarubias, S.A., Cruz, I., and Bashan, Y.
O9-2 Comparison of properties of immobilized lipase biocatalysts
Jakubiak J. and Wojcik M.
O9-3 Cyanobacteria immobilized in silica gels : new generation photobioreactors
Leonard A., Meunier C.F., Rooke J.C. and Su B.L.
O9-4 Characterization of b-glucosidase entrapped in LentiKats and in sol-gel supports
Figueira J.A., Sato H.H., Fonseca L.P., Fernandes P.
P-001 Cell entrapment by stereospecific membrane to perform safe wine fermentations
Guzzon R., Carturan G., Cavazza A., Krieger S.
P-002 Fabrication of of binary lipid matrix based solid lipid nanoparticles for oral d
Manoj K. Rawat , Singh S.
P-003 Controlled-release of linalool through calcium alginate capsules
Lopez M.D., Pascual-Villalbos, M.J & Poncelet, D.
P-004 Polymer brushes for enhanced biocompatibilty of immunoisolating micropcapsules
Spasojevic M., de Haan B., de Vos P., Schouten A.J.
P-005 Development of process control for coating in fluid bed
A. Maudhuit, D.Poncelet
P-006 Efficiency of Novel Iron Microencapsulation Techniques: Fortification of Milk
Abbasi S and Azari S