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COST865 Spring Meeting 2009

April 24-25, 2009 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 31]

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O01 Capsule performance in the microencapsulation of flavour molecules
Venskutonis P.R., Baranauskiene R.
O02 Assessment of microparticle coating quality and functionality
Depypere F., Nienaltowska K., Perfetti G., Meesters G., Dewettinck K.
O03 Regulatory affairs to elaborate a pharmaceutical marketing autorisation applicat
Vandamme T., Pabst J.-Y.
O04 FTIR spectroscopy as versatile method to characterize capsules composition
Socaciu C.
O05 Modern methods for assessment of enzyme activity in microcapsules
Fonseca L.
O06 Characterization of encapsulated agrobiologicals
Patel A. V.
O07 Permeability of Microcapsules by Inverse Size Exclusion Chromatography
Lacik I., Kollarikova G.
O08 Multiscale requirements for bioencapsulation in medicine and biotechnology
Ansorge-Schumacher M., de Vos P. et al.
O09 Molecular characterization of alginates relevant to their us as immobilizations
Skjak-Braek G., Aarstad O., Strand B.
O10 Size and size distribution
Poncelet D.
P01 Determination of formaldehyde in aminoaldehyde microcapsules
Boh B., Ferk V., Knez E., Sumiga B., Vrtacnik M.
P02 Physical properties of aminoaldehyde microcapsules
Sumiga B., Knez E., Boh B.
P03 Strategies to overcome MPS phagocytosis of polysaccharide nanoparticles
Neto A. P., Jorge A. S., Monteiro M. C., Sarmento B., Seabra V.
P04 Probiotics viability improvement -encapsulation by ultrasonic nozzle atomization
Ciric Al., Costin G.M., Toma Al.
P05 Zanthoxylum tingoassuiba essential oil loaded into lipid and chitosan particles
Santo I. E., Pedro A. S., Detoni C., Ferreira D., Albuquerque E., Sarmento B.
P06 Gastro-resistant multiparticles for mesalazine colonic delivery
Balducci A.G., Colombo P., Cavallari C., Rodriguez L., Sonvico F., Rossi A.
P07 Encapsulation of plant oleosomes and oleoresins in mixed carbohydrate matrices
Socaciu C., Trif M., Baciu A., Nicula A.T., Nicula A.
P08 Ex vivo digestibility of protein based encapsulation devices
Brodkorb A., Doherty S., Gee V., Auty M., Stanton, C.
P09 Fluorescence study of the encapsulation of stilbenoids by cyclodextrins
Lopez-Nicolas J.M., Rodriguez-Bonilla P., Mendez L., Garcia-Carmona F.
P10 Understanding the Mechanical Strength of Microcapsules and Their Adhesion on Fab
Liu K. M., Preece J., York D., Bowen J., Zhang Z.