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XIX International Conference on Bioencapsulation

October 5-8, 2011 - Amboise, France

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Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-002 Hybrid sol-gel matrices used for entrapment of Aspergillus oryzae PP cells for
Kabaivanova L., Chernev G., Evstatieva Y., Nikolova D., Yordanova M., Ilieva S.
P-003 The microencapsulation fish (Engraulis encrasicolus L) oil by various wall mater
Kahyaoglu T., Dervisoglu M., Tatar F., Tunc M.T., and Cekmecelioglu D.
P-004 Determination of organic acids in fermented whey permeate microcapsule produced
da Costa J.M.G.; Silva E.K.; Borges S.V.; Alves, J.G.L.; Malta, M.R.
P-005 Production of 6-APA for semi-synthetic antibiotics using covalent immobilization
Elnashar, M.M.; Ali, O.A.; Hassan, M.E.
P-006 Isolation and characterization of oil bodies from Gevuina avellana and Madia sat
Acevedo, F., Rubilar, M., Shene, C.
P-007 Amphiphilic dendrimers for encapsulation of transition metal complexes
Bouquillon, S.; Balieu, S; Gatard, S.; Dupont, L.
P-008 Solving lactose health and environmental problems using immobilized lactase on b
Elnashar, M.M., Hassan, M.E., Ali, O.A., Yassin, A.A.
P-009 Perfume release from PSf capsules
Peña B., Gumí T. and Garcia-Valls R.
P-010 Lipases in hierarchically structured montmorillonite.
Kuncova G., Sabata S., Kucerova L., Fuzik T., Duchek P.
P-011 Continuous transesterification catalyzed with immobilized lipase.
Sabata S., Hetflejs J., Kuncova G., Machackova E.,
P-012 Insulin Encapsulation into polymeric micelles
Andrade, F., Antunes, F., Videira, M., Ferreira, D., Sarmento, B.
P-013 Nanochips for presowing seed treatment by capsulation
Voropaeva N., Karpachev V., Savenkov V., Varlamov V,. Shilovskikh I.
P-014 Multifunctional ecologically safe (nano) chips for rice seeds capsulation
Voropaeva N., Ruban I., Yusupov K.,Varlamov V, Saimnazarov Yu.
P-015 PVA and sol-gel carriers for entrapment of ?-galactosidase for production of gal
Jovanovic-Malinovska, R., Fernandes, P., Winkelhausen, E., Fonseca, L.
P-016 Synthesis and characterization of antibacterial chitosan microspheres for textil
Crespo L, Serret A, Paul R, Bautista L, Esteve H, De la Varga M, Surribas A
P-017 Gellan microgels obtained from atomization followed by ionotropic gelation
Pires Vilela, J. A., Perrechil, F. A. and Cunha, R. L.
P-018 Behaviors of tumor cells enclosed in alginate microcapsule with liquid core temp
Inamoto K., Sakai S. and Taya M.
P-019 Control system with two parameters in fluidised bed coating
Maudhuit, A., Prata, A., Boillereaux, L., Poncelet, D.
P-020 Encapsulation of orange peel essential oil using ethanol as a cosurfactant
Abbasi S., Amiri S., Ezzatpanah H.
P-021 Immobilisation of porcine pancreatic lipase in oil-core calcium-alginate capsule
Abang S., and Poncelet D.