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XIX International Conference on Bioencapsulation

October 5-8, 2011 - Amboise, France

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 26 years of encapsulation for cosmetic applications, and we still expect a lot!
Perrier E.
O1-2 New insights into the microencapsulation properties of milk proteins
Drusch, S. , Serfert, Y., Schwarz, K.
O1-3 Novel encapsulation technology for the preparation of core-shell microparticles
ten Cate T., Craenmehr E., van den Eijnden P., Stevens R., Eversdijk J, Houben R
O1-4 Probiosis and Bioencapsulation, where do they meet?
Lacroix C.
O2-1 Fruit juice clarification using free and immobilized xylanase from Pseudomonas
Chand D. and Kumar P.
O2-2 Influence of emulsion composition on the quality of spray dried orange oil
Weissbrodt J., Markovic M.
O2-3 Release of aroma compounds from a complex matrix like a biscuit
De Hoog, E.H.A; Müller-Maatsch, J; Burseg, K.M.M.; De Kok, P.M.T.; de Roode, B.
O2-4 Coating effect on alginate beads containing sea buckthorn juice during...
Pop O. L., Socaciu C.
O3-1 Effect of digestive processes on encapsulated lactic acid bacteria
Gorecka E. and Motyl I.
O3-2 Versatility of maillard products in the formulation of spray-dried microcapsules
Augustin MA., Sanguansri L.
O3-3 Evaluation of milk protein matrices to protect probiotic cells in simulated gast
Burgain J, Gaiani C, Taube K, Jeandel C, Cailliez-Grimal C, Ghoul M, Scher J
O3-4 Peroxidase encapsulated in chitosan matrix as the basis of optical sensor films
Veselova, I.A.; Malinina, L.I.; Buslova, T.S.; Shekhovtsova, T.N.
O4-1 Application of ultrasound for encapsulation of ?-3 fatty acids and enrichment of
Abbasi S., Sheikhshoaei F., Sahari MA.
O4-2 Microencapsulation of a polyphenol extract derived from apple pomace...
Kühn, S.; Schulze-Kaysers, N.; Wollseifen, H.R.; Saß M.; Galensa R.; Kunz B.
O4-3 A novel method of soil bioremediation with immobilized enzyme preparation
Sirotkina M., Efremenko E.
O4-4 Microencapsulated essential oils : from fragrant fabrics to repellent textiles
Hermida, L., Miró Specos, M.
O4-5 The development of encapsulated formulations of semiochemicals for the managemen
Riley C. M. and Carter N.
O5-1 Nanoencapsulation enhances graft survival and function in diabetic mice of islet
Zhi Z.-l., Pickup J.
O5-2 Encapsulation of Living Cells in Polymer Microcapsules
Falk , J., Maywald, M. and Sieber, V.
O5-3 Human pancreatic islet encapsulation in microfluidic device
Dalle P., Morales S., Persoons V., Richard M-J., De Fraipont F, Lauro D.