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XIVth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

October 5-7, 2006 - Lausanne, Switzerland

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 60] [61 to 80] [81 to 100] [101 to 113]

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Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P0-5 Orally administered microencapsulated lysozyme in the early stage of experimenta
Zorzin L., Cocchietto M., Candido R., Fabris B., Toffoli B., Zabucchi M., Stebel
P0-6 Aroma retention and flavour release of peppermint essential oil encapsulated by
Baranauskiene R., Zukauskaite J., Bylaite E., Venskutonis P.R.
P0-9 PGA-HSA coated microspheres : encapsulation and release of a bioactive peptide
Callewaert M., Grandjean-Laquerriere A., Laurent-Maquin D., Edwards-Levy F.
P1-0 Metabolic activity of Jurkat cell line after encapsulation in PGA-HSA coated bea
Munin A., Le Naour R., Guenounou M., Edwards-Levy F.
P1-1 Biodistribution of 131I labelled 5-Aminosalicylic acid loaded chitosan-Ca-algina
Mladenovska K., Raicki R.S., Janevik E.I., Ristoski T., Pavlova M.J., Glavas M.,
P1-2 Stability tests of 5-Aminosalicylic acid containing solutions and chitosan-Ca-al
Mladenovska K., Cruaud O., Richomme P., Belamie E., Raicki R.S., Venier M-C., Po
P1-3 Silica composite materials with algal polysaccharide used for immobilization of
Kabaivanova L., Emanuilova E., Nacheva L., Aleksieva P.
P1-4 Optical monitoring of oxygen concentration and cells viability in polymer film w
Bolyo J., Kuncova G.
P1-5 Sol-gel hybrid materials for bioencapsulation
Chernev G., Samuneva B., Djambaski P., Kabaivanova L., Emanuilova E., Salvado I.
P1-6 A novel technique for preparation of gel-entrapped fungal spores
Vassilev N., Nikolaeva I., Vassileva M.
P1-7 Approaches to prevent gastric enzymatic degradation in nanoencapsulated insulin
Reis C., Ribeiro A.J., Neufeld R., Veiga F.
P1-9 Alginate matrices ultrasonic modification for the develop the drug delivery syst
Manaenkov O.V., Sidorov A.I., Sulman E.M.
P2-0 Barium Alginate controlled release capsules for stallion spermatozoa delivery
Faustini M., Torre M.L., Villani S., Munari E., Conte U., Riccardi A., Scocca S.
P2-1 Three-dimensional hormone-free coculture for the maturation of swine oocytes: an
Munari E., Asti A., Benzoni E., Colombani C., Sesso L., Faustini M., Riccardi A.
P2-2 Encapsulation of poorly soluble substances via self-assembling of amphiphilic co
Larionova N., Villemson A., Couvreur P., Gref R.
P2-3 Encapsulation and controlled release human growth hormone using dextran sulfate-
Sarmento B., Neufeld R., Ribeiro A., Veiga F., Ferreira D.
P2-4 A novel approach for immunoisolation of pancreatic islets
de Haan B.J., Faas M.M., de Vos P.
P2-5 Development of silk fibroin-based gel beads for immobilized cell fermentation
Yildirim S., Borer M.E., Meinel L., Lacroix C.
P2-6 Animal cells immobilized into microgranules and microcapsules and their function
Balysheva V., Markvicheva E.
P2-7 Feasibility studies of lipid-based carriers for dermal applications
Souto E.B., Almeida A.J., Muller R.H.