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XIVth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

October 5-7, 2006 - Lausanne, Switzerland

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Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O5-3 A novel encapsulation method for probiotics using an interpolymer complex in sup
Moolman F.S., Labuschagne P.W., Thantsha M.S., van der Merwe T.L., Rolfes H., Cl
O5-4 The use of confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) to quantify microcapsule fi
Depypere F., Van Oostveldt P., Timmerman J., Pieters J.G., Dewettinck K.
O5-5 Protein crystallisation in hydrogels
Willaert R.
O6-1 Chitosan microspheres: preparation, characterization, design-of-experiment and r
Lacik I., Bubenikova S., Alexy P., Vodna L., Chorvat Jr. D., Bakos D.
O6-2 Using microorganisms for encapsulating polymeric structures: introducing and man
Kilcher G., Duckham C., Tirelli N.
O6-3 Transition Metal Oxide Shells for Sol-Gel Encapsulation of (Micro)Organisms
Kessler V.G., Seisenbaeva G.A., Hakansson S.
O6-4 Influence of the emulsification processes on the size of the droplets and on the
Smola M., Vandamme T., Zapolski R., Sokolowski A.
O6-5 SLN and NLC as viscoelastic enhancers for topical drug delivery
Souto E.B., Almeida A.J., Muller R.H.
O7-1 Recent trends in the role of microencapsulation in the development of functional
Kailasapathy K., Madziva H., Anjani K., Seneweera S., Phillips M.
O7-2 Mechanism of action of Lactobacillus reuteri in an in vitro model of intestinal
Lacroix C., Cleusix V., Le Blay G., Vollenweider S.
O7-3 Flavouring of sponge cake : retention of encapsulated aroma compounds
Madene A., Jacquot M., Scher J., Desobry S.
O7-4 Nanoencapsulation of Hydrophobic Nutraceutical Substances within Casein Micelles
Livney Y.D., Semo E., Danino D., Kesselman E.
O7-5 Encapsulating probiotic bacteria by ultrasonic vacuum spray drying
Semyonov D., Ramon O., Shimoni E.
O8-1 Encapsulation of Enzyme : Applications
Poncelet D.
O8-2 Biogranules on the base of calcium hydroxyapatite for dosimetry control
Krylova E.A., Ivanov A.A., Plashchina I.G., Kleshchenko E.D., Pantelkin V.P.
O8-3 Instant and Reliable estimation of BOD by Developing a Mixed Culture Based BOD B
Kumar R., Dhall P., Kumar A., Singh V.P.
O8-4 Encapsulation of brewing yeast in polyvinyl alcohol for continuous beer fermenta
Nedovic N., Mirkovic M., Leskosek-Cukalovic I., Levic S., Spsas V., Bugarski B.
P0-1 Encapsulation of radionuclides contaminated soil particles of Semipalatinsk Test
Kudaibergenov S., Bimendina L., Yashkarova M., Orazzhanova L.
P0-2 Microencapsulated animal repellents for agricultural applications
Boh B., Knez E., Skerlavaj V.
P0-4 Lecithin/chitosan self-organizing nanoparticles as drug carriers for lipophilic
Sonvico F., Barbieri S., Rossi A., Motta S., Bettini R., Deriu A., Colombo P.