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XIVth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

October 5-7, 2006 - Lausanne, Switzerland

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 The application of microcapsules in bioconversion reactions
Marison I.
O1-2 Production of the autolytic culture Lb. delbrueckii ssp. lactis FAM-10991 using
Koch S., Wettstein M., Eugster-Meier E., Meile L., Lacroix C.
O1-3 Analysis of hydrodynamic parameters of pneumatic air lift bioreactors with immob
Bugarski B., Milivojevic M., Pavlou S., Nedovic V.
O1-4 Encapsulation as a powerful tool for cell therapies and GMP biomanufacturing
Heinzen C., Berger A., Fux C.
O2-1 Cell encapsulation: Will it ever become part of the clinical arsenal?
Aebischer P.
O2-2 Current insights in factors influencing long-term survival of encapsulated cells
De Vos P.
O2-3 A Clinically Relevant Microcapsule for Islet Transplantation
Safley S., Cui H., Burden C., Cauffiel S., Holbrook B., Weber C.
O2-4 Application of cells microencapsulation for bioartificial liver in fluidized bed
Gautier A., Carpentier B., Dufresne M., Paullier P., Legallais C.
O2-5 Cell Based Therapy Using Genetically Modified, Encapsulated Cells
O. Hauser, S. Schwab, W. Tabotta, WH Gunzburg, B. Salmons, H. Holzmuller
O3-1 Formulation optimizing for aqueous enteric coating systems
Salar Behzahdi S., Zohrer K., Schaffer D., Viernstein H.
O3-2 Layer by layer adsorption of polyelektrolytes to encapsulate enzymes in polyelec
Baumler H., Garbers E., Georgieva R.
O3-3 Bioencapsulated nanoparticles with the control of particle s morphology and the
Kim J.-H., Kim Y.-W., Jo J.-E., Lee J.-M., Lee J.-Y.
O3-4 Delivery of probiotic and prebiotic synergy using microencapsulation
Ying D.Y., Parkar S., Luo X.X., Seelye R., Sharpe J.C., Saunders J., Schroeder R
O3-5 The adsorption of immunoglobulin on alginate-based microcapsules
Tam S.K., de Haan B., Halle J.-P., Yahia L.H., de Vos P.
O4-1 Structure engineering and processing of reactive multi-component microcapsules
Windhab E.
O4-2 Chitosan-based nanoparticles by ionotropic gelation process
Kauper P., Forrest M.
O4-3 Cell-compatible covalent alginate beads obtained from a chemoenzymatically engin
Rokstad A.M., Donati I., Borgogna M., Oberholzer J., Strand B.L., Espevik T., Sk
O4-4 Improvement of alginate microbeads by enzymatic modification
Morch Y., Strand B., Donati I., Skjak-Braek G.
O5-1 Influence of hydrocolloid interactions on their encapsulation properties using s
Weissbrodt J., Kunz B.
O5-2 Application of encapsulation into UV curable ORMOCER in a construction of opti
Kuncova G., Betancour L., Rose K., Scully P., Sasek L.