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2nd Latin-America Symposium on Encapsulation

November 24-26, 2014 - Joao Pessoa, Brazil

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 60] [61 to 80] [81 to 92]

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Ref. Contributions 61 to 80 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-34 Quercetin encapsulated in solid lipid microparticles
Pereira C. P., Jange C. G. and Pinho S. C
P-35 Oregano essential oil microcapsules on preservation of grated parmesan cheese
Fernandes, R.V.B, Botrel D.A. et al.
P-36 Unripe banana starch film incorporated with cellulose nanofibers
Tibolla, H., Sartori, T., Pelissari, F. M., Menegalli, F. C.
P-37 Effect of operating parameters for spray drying red mombin fruit pulp
Morais, B. D. M. M.; Maciel, M. I. S.; Junior, M. E.;
P-38 Characterization of mussel protein hydrolysate microencapsulated by spray drying
Hubinger, M. D., Breternitz, N. R.
P-39 Avocado leaves extract, dried by spray drying, on oxidative stability of sunflow
Jiménez P*., Fuentes F., Camilo C., Quitral V., Palma M., Robert P
P-40 Effect of ultrasound on the properties of microencapsuled cinnamon essential oil
Teodoro, R. A. R., Botrel, D. A., Marques., G. R., Borges, S. V
P-41 Nanostructured lipid carriers with amphotericin B.
Azevedo RMAG, Santiago RR, Castiglione TC, Genre J, Silva KGH, Egito E.
P-42 Functional properties of different types of octenylsuccinate-derivatised starch
Brückner-Gühmann, M., Kern, K. and Drusch, S.
P-43 Microemulsion system loaded with Tadalafil: evaluation of encapsulation efficien
Oliveira C.M., Xavier F.H., Morais A.R., Silveira W.L., Genre J., Egito E.S.
P-44 Development of cosmetic formulations with honey and aloe vera containing liquid
Rocha-Filho, PA; Agostinho, LC; Andrade, M; Busatto, Z; Fossa, M; Moraes, D; Ram
P-45 γ-Decalactone extract encapsulated by freeze drying with biopolymers
Penha, M. P.; Santos, I. M.; Braga, A.; Belo, I., M. P.; Rocha-Leão, M. H. M.;
P-46 Development of paromomycin nanoparticles for cutaneous leishmaniasis treatment
Matos, A. P. S., Campos, V. E. B., Viçosa, A. L., Ricci Júnior, E., Holandino,
P-47 Spray drying of lipid dispersions loaded with Bidens pilosa bioactive compounds
Oliveira, W.P., Sant'Anna, T.C., Cortés-Rojas D.F.,Souza, C.R.F
P-48 Poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogel: A new Amphotericin B carrierfortopicaldelivery
Freire MCLC ; Alexandrino Junior F; Souza BS; Castiglione TC; et al
P-49 Microencapsulation of bocaiuva and bacuri oils by complex coacervation
Mendoza, V. S. ;Lescano, C. H.; Lima, F. F.; Sanjinez-Argandoña, E. J
P-50 Development of magnetic oxacillin delivery system to treat bacterial infection
F Carvalho, A C Medeiros, S N Medeiros, A S Carriço*
P-51 Hydrogel amphotericin B loaded: Potential treatment for cutaneous leishmaniasis
Alexandrino-Junior, F., Cardoso, EA., Genre, J., Picciani, PHS. et al.
P-52 Pressure fluctuation analysis: A tool for monitoring of fluid bed encapsulation
Benelli L.; Souza C.R.F.; Oliveira W.P.
P-53 Flaxseed oil emulsions produced by premix and direct membrane emulsification
Tonon R.V., Candéa T.V., Monteiro F.S., Silva L.F.M and Cabral L.M.C.