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2nd Latin-America Symposium on Encapsulation

November 24-26, 2014 - Joao Pessoa, Brazil

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Glass encapsulation: principles, technologies and applications
Ubbink, J.
O1-2 Stability of Bixin in Nanocapsules in Model Systems of Photosensitization
Rios, A. O*.; Lobato, K. B. S.; Paese, K. ; Forgearini, J. C.; Guterres, S. S.;
O1-3 Curcumin-loaded nanoemulsions produced by emulsion inversion point (EIP): pro
Pinho, S.C., Georges, E.L.,Borrin, T.R.
O1-4 Microparticles olive leaves extract (Olea europaea L. cv Arbequina) with sodium
González E. and Gómez C., Robert P., García P*.
O2-1 Microencapsulation of Agrochemical Products
Runge F.
O2-2 Encapsulation in Nutrition and Animal Health: A Transdisciplinary Vision
Ribeiro, C. And Brandão, H.M.
O2-3 The impact of encapsulation technologies on the quality of commercial feeds.
Carità Eduardo
O2-4 Optimisation of industrial microcapsule production
Poncelet D. and Simon J.P.
O2-5 Incorporation of solid lipid microparticles into unripe banana starch film
Sartori, T., Menegalli, F. C.
O3-1 Development of lipid based nano-carriers for Amazonian Oils.
Egito E.S.T., Faria, M.A.S., Faria, F.S.E.D.V., Rodriguez, A.R.F.
O3-2 Manipulating drug distribution by tuning surface properties of nanoparticles.
Vauthier, C.
O3-3 Co-amorphous spray-dried microspheres to improve Efavirenz dissolution behavior
Lavra, Z.M.M.*; Santana, D. P. ; Ré M. I.
O3-4 Controlled release of flavonoids from microparticles and their effect on the oxi
Palma, M., García, P., Robert, P.
O3-5 Spray-drying for microencapsulation of lutein-loaded micelles
Tippel, J.; Drusch, S.
O4-1 Nanotechnology in Transdermal Testosterone replacement: Clinical outcomes
Botelho, M., Guerreiro, S., Tonetti, D., Queiroz, D., Rego, A., Souza, J.B.
O4-2 Microencapsulation of azadirachtin for the control of disease vectors
Arata,J. et al.
O4-3 Encapsulation of nutritional oils: powders and aqueous applications
Drusch, S.
O4-4 Lipid core nanocapsules improve topical efficacy of an antileishmanial chalcone
Lopes M. V., Escrivani, D.E., Guterres, S.S., Pohlmann, A.R., Rossi-Bergmann B.*
O5-1 Development of a nanostructured active foi nail care.
Raffin, R. P.*, Costa, M, Ribeiro, R. F. , Santos, R. C. V. Bolzan, L. P., Vau
O5-2 Co-encapsulation of echium seeds oil and rutin or sinapic acid
Comunian, T.; Castro, I.; Alencar, S.; Silva, E.; Boillon, M.; Fávaro-Trindade,