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2nd Latin-America Symposium on Encapsulation

November 24-26, 2014 - Joao Pessoa, Brazil

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 60] [61 to 80] [81 to 92]

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Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-14 Vegetable-based nanostructured system
Raffin, R. P.*, Costa, M, Ribeiro, R. F., Rigon, R. T. , Felippi C. C.
P-15 Microparticles formation of shark liver oil through supercritical process - PGSS
Santos, D. N., Silva, F. S., Ferreira, N. J. and Oliveira, A. L.*
P-16 Obtaining of lycopene rich powder by coupling membrane technology and spray dryi
Oliveira, C. S., Paim, D.R.S.F. et al.
P-17 W/O/W emulsions obtained from w/o containing liquid crystals
Rocha-Filho, Pa; Vieira, Gs; Bortolin, Me; Moraes, Css
P-18 Spray and spouted bed drying of rosemary lipid dispersions
Oliveira,W.P., Baldin, I., Martinez, M.L.L., Souza, C.R.F.
P-19 Preliminary tests of microencapsulation of pequi oil from pulp and almond
Justi, P. N. ;Macedo, M.L.R. ;Sanjinez-Argandoña, E. J.
P-20 Microparticles of olive leaves extract as antioxidants in lipid systems
Gómez C. and González E., García P., Robert P. *
P-21 Development and evaluation of a photoprotective liposomal system
Cerqueira-Coutinho, C.S.; de Campos, V.E.B. et al
P-22 Effect of different carrier agents on the physicochemical properties of the atom
Santos, N.C., Maciel, M.I.S., Souza, M.M.B., Silva Jr, M.E.
P-23 Influence of process variables and sensory evaluation of pulp umbu atomized
Souza, M.M.B.; Silva Júnior, M.E.; Maciel, M.M.S.; Santos, A.M.P.
P-24 Application of microencapsulated fish oil in powder instant soup
Fernandes, R. V. B., Silva, T. L., et al.
P-25 Cashew tree gum as an encapsulant for fish oil using spray drying
Botrel, D. A., Borges, S. V., Fernandes, R. V. B., Feitosa, J. P. A
P-26 Lipids carriers to produce ginger oleoresin particles by spray chilling process
Oriani, V. B., Alvim, I.D., Paredes, C.M. and Hubinger, M. D.
P-27 Microencapsulation by spray drying of extract obtained from jussara pulp
Carvalho, A. G. S., Piva, G. G. Hubinger, M. D.
P-28 Mixture of lipids and ginger oleoresin-Selection to use in encapsulation process
Oriani, V. B., Alvim, I. D., Paredes, C. M. and Hubinger, M. D.
P-29 Encapsulation of gallic acid in O/W emulsions systems stalibilized with Tween 20
Gomes A., Costa A.L.R., Perrechil, F.A., Cunha R.L.
P-30 Evaluation of cryoprotectants on lyophilization of nanostructured lipid carriers
Silva, K.C.H., Santiago, R.R., Genre, J., Silva, K.G.H., Egito, E.S.T.
P-31 Chemical and microbiological characterization of encapsulated probiotic juice
Paim D.R.S.F., Oliveira C.S., Ribeiro L.O., Gomes F.S., Walter E.H.M. and Tonon
P-32 Influence of drying operation conditions on the encapsulation of benzoic acid
Borges, S.V., Marques, G.R., Botrel, D.A., Fernandes, R.V.B.
P-33 Moisture adsorption isotherms for benzoic acid encapsulated by spray drying
Borges, S.V., Marques, G.R., Botrel, D.A., Fernandes, R.V.B., Figueiredo, J.A.