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2nd Latin-America Symposium on Encapsulation

November 24-26, 2014 - Joao Pessoa, Brazil

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Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O5-3 Microparticles formation of limonene in polysaccharides using supercritical CO2
Oliveira A.L. and Machado L.C.
O5-4 Preparation and characterization of chitosan nanoparticles for ova delivery
Saldaña R., De Oliveira-Nascimento, L. et al.
O5-5 Implementation of supercritical fluids based precipitation techniques in LAPEA
Aguiar A. C., Santos, P., Rezende, C. A. and Martínez, J
O6-1 Investigation of complex coacervation with different polymers
Goncalves, N.D., Prata, A.S.
O6-2 Nanoencapsulating sunscreens: shifting possibilities
Silvia Staniscuaski Guterres
O6-3 Polymer Encapsulation as a strategy to enhance PDT and malaria activity of porph
Araki K.*, Garcia C.R.S.*, Baptista M.S.*, Carita E., Deda DK, et al.
O6-4 Nano and Microencapsulation: viewing shapes, sizes, chemicals and stability
Fernando Galembeck
P-01 Feasibility of incorporating beta-carotene-loaded lipid particles in yoghurt
Pinho, S.C., Lima, J.G., Molina, C.V.
P-02 Production and characterization of beta-carotene-loaded lipid microparticles
Pinho, S.C., Chaves, M.A.
P-03 Increased efficacy of lipid-core nanocapsules of quercetin in leishmaniasis
Sousa-Batista A.J.S.; Poletto F.; Guterres S.; Pohlmann A.R.; Rossi-Bergmann B.
P-04 Physical characterization of particles of red mombin fruit powder
Morais B. D. M. M; Maciel M. I. S.; Junior M. E.;
P-05 Factorial designer and caracterization of new matrices
Bueno, L. A.; Santos, G. F.; Locatelli, G. O. ; Botelho, P. S.
P-06 Stability Study of Lycopene – Loaded Lipid – Core Nanocapsules
Rios, A. de O*.; Santos, P. P. dos; Paese, K. ; Guterres, S. S.; Pohlmann, A. R.
P-07 Influence of the Addition of Gold Nanoparticles in Biofilms Quinoa Starch
Rios, A. de O*.; Pagno, C. H.; Costa, T. M. H. ; Menezes, E. W. De, Benvenutti,
P-08 Characterization of Biofilms with Bixin Nanocapsules
Rios, A. de O.; Farias, Y. B. de, Pagno, C. H.; Paese, K. ; Guterres, S. S.; Fl
P-09 Influence of emulsified amazonian oils on the microbial growth kinetic.
Speranza P, Jacinto LS, Ribeiro APB, Macedo, GA.
P-10 Influence of microencapsulation of carotenoids content in bacuri oil
Lima, F. F.; Mendoza, V. S. ; Vieira, M. C.; Sanjinez-Argandoña, E. J.
P-11 Advances in slow-release formulations of an antileishmanial chalcone
Sousa-Batista A.J.S.*; Pacienza-Lima W.; Rossi-Bergmann B.; Ré M. I.
P-12 Formation of gellan microgels -Effect of flow rate ratio
Costa A.L.R., Gomes A., Cunha R.L.
P-13 Proliposomes loaded with Psidium guajava polyphenols engineered by spray drying
Oliveira, W.P., Pessan, V.C., Secolin, V.A., Oliveira, W.P., Souza, C.R.F.