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XXII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 17-19, 2014 - Bratislava, Slovakia

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Autoassembled nanoparticles of lecithin/chitosan for oral deliveryof the antica
Colombo G, Sonvico F, Como C, Colombo P, Zani F, Buttini F, Bettini R, Rossi A,
O1-2 Antileishmania activity using phospho-l- serine coated gelatin nanoparticles
Khatik R, Dwivedi P, and Dwivedi A K *.
O1-3 Sustained release of OP and gemcitabine from an implantable PLGA cylinder
Allison S, Ellis J., Abdulkhalek S, Lappan C, Hrynyk M, Szewczuk M, Neufeld RJ
O1-4 Microfluidic-conceived drug-loaded microcarriers
Vandamme T., Khan I.U., Serra C.A., Anton N.
O1-5 Novel diagnostic enzyme-responsive beads for detection of wound infection
Ten Cate A.T., Heinzle A., Schiffer D., Sigl E., Binder B., et al
O1-6 Stability and consumer acceptance of spray-dried betanin in model juices
Kaimainen, M., Järvenpää, E., Laaksonen, O., Sandell, M. and Huopalahti, R.
O1-7 Oral lipid based delivery system of arteether: an effective malaria chemotherapy
Dwivedi P, Khatik R, Dwivedi A K and Mishra P R.
O1-8 Encapsulation efficiency of hydrophobic components in pH responsive polymer mice
Georgiadou, S., Koutroumanis, K.
O2-1 Skeletal muscle as a potential transplantation site of microencapsulated islets
Bochenek M. Qi M. Marchese E. Davis M. Wang Y. Lacik I. Strand B. Oberholzer J.*
O2-2 Clinically relevant immunosuppression for encapsulated pig islet xenografts
Safley S.A., Barber G.F., Duncanson S., Holdcraft R.W., Gazda L.S.,et al.
O2-3 Cell Encapsulation for Controlled Delivery of Biological Therapies
Orive G
O2-4 Effect of immunomodulation on pericapsular fibrosis of alginate capsules in NHP
Oberholzer J. Bochenek M. Qi M. Marchese E. McGarrigle J. Wang Y. Danielson K. L
O2-5 Emulsion-based islet encapsulation: predicting and overcoming islet hypoxia.
Fernandez SA, Bégin-Drolet A, Ruel J, Leask R, Piret JM and Hoesli CA
O2-6 The role of DAMPs in immune response against encapsulated human islets
Paredes-Juarez, G.A., Tjoelker, R.S., de Haan, B.J. and de Vos, P.*
O2-7 Identifying the total number of therapeutically functional cells within capsules
Santos E., Hernández R.M., Pedraz J.L., Orive G.
O2-8 Encapsulation of lipophilic antitumor drug in polysaccharide microcontainers
R. Akasov, T. Borodina, E. Zaitceva, E. Markvicheva
O3-1 Synthetic Polycations for Calcium Alginate Capsules:Structure & Biocompatibility
Kleinberger R.M., Burke N.A.D and *Stöver H.D.H.
O3-2 Chemical Modifications of Alginate for Drug Delivery
Kapishon V, Cunningham M, Neufeld R, Whitney R and Champagne P.
O3-3 Photo-sensitive microcapsules based on azobenzene compounds
Tylkowski B., Giamberini M., Fernandez Prieto S., Underiner T., Smets J.
O3-4 Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) microspheres for drug delivery.
Morelli.S., Holdich R.G. , Dragosavac M.M.