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XXII International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 17-19, 2014 - Bratislava, Slovakia

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Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-01 Synthesis of alginate microparticles using microfluidics device
Anna Pittermannova, Nicolas Bremond, Jerome Bibette, Frantisek Stepanek
P-02 Investigation of complex coacervation with different polymers
Goncalves, N.D., Prata, A.S.
P-03 Synthesis of positively charged polymer nanoparticles for siRNA delivery
Dragoni, L.*, Ferrari, R., Moscatelli, D.
P-04 Properties of kefir microcapsules prepared by maltodextrin/Arabic gum mixes
Kucukcetin, A., Sahin-Nadeem, H.,Nale, Z.
P-05 Gold nanostructures: multifunctional platforms for photodynamic therapy
Oliveira Silva, C. et al.
P-06 Hexanal formation kinetics in flaxseed oil microcapsules
Tontul I., Torun M., Topuz A.
P-07 Chemical and mechanical stability of PMCG microcapsules in physiological fluids
Kronek J. et al.
P-08 Peptide-modified hydrogels for enhancing immuno-isolation of encapsulated cells
Mihálová, A., Sláviková, M., Danchenko, M., Proks, V., Kučka, J. et al.
P-09 Analytical Characteristics of the Optical Enzymatic Sensor of Biogenic Amines
Maixnerova, L., Horvitz, A., Kuncova, G., Pribyl, M., Sebela, M., Kostejn, M.
P-10 Double encapsulation of insulin: replacement of injections by oral tablets?
Auberval N., Landolfo M., Bekel A. and Frère Y*.
P-11 Oil encapsulation using W/O and O/W emulsions by inverse gelation mechanism
Adiwijaya Z., Martins E., Renard D and Poncelet D.
P-12 Co-immobilization of glucoamylase and baker's yeast as basis for an innovative
Patel A., Humbert P., Vemmer M., Maevers F., Vidal S., Beitzen-Heineke W.,
P-13 Production of carrageenan beads by prilling
Popa D, Bidoret A, Cauret L and Poncelet D.
P-14 Encapsulation of hiPSCs in duplex microcapsules prepared via enzymatic reactions
T. Ashida, S. Sakai and M. Taya
P-15 Encapsulation of garlic oil for «stress & kill» and «confuse & kill» strategies
Gerike S., Hanitzsch M., Eckard, S., Grabenweger, G.*, Patel A.
P-16 Spray dried microcapsules of betalain in maltodextrin/modified starch matrices
Telis, V. R. N. and Zuanon, L. A. C.
P-17 Spray drying for produce waxes particles
Prata, A.S.
P-18 The impact of coating on size and colloidal stability of magnetite nanoparticles
Némethová V et al.
P-19 Synthetic polyelectrolytes for the development of extracellular matrices
Stöver, H.D.H.*, Abdilla, A., Dubey, A., Ros, S., Shi, S., Burke, N.A.D.
P-20 Encapsulation of decellularized tissue for transplantation
Krylova E. Krasheninnikov M. , Gulay Y., Krylov S.