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XVI International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 4-6, 2008 - Dublin, Ireland

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O01-1 Paper modified with microencapsulated enzymes: towards bioactive paper
Rochefort D., Kouisni L., Gendron G., Zhang Y.
O01-2 Polymeric system entrapping genetically engineered stem cells for cancer therapy
Goren A., Machluf M.
O01-3 The use of microfluidics to encapsulate therapeutic cells
Workman V.L., Kille P., Dunnett S. B., Palmer D. D.
O01-4 Microfluidic device for alginate-based cell encapsulation
Le Vot S., Berthier J., David N., Freida D., Fuchs A., Benhamou P.Y., Rivera F.
O02-1 Spray Drying of biodegradable polymers in Laboratory Scale
Arpagaus C., Schafroth N.
O02-2 Immobilized enzymes for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
Schoevaart R.
O02-3 Microencapsulation and Industrial applications
Brandau T., Brandau E., Schmallenbach A.
O02-4 Does size matter ?
Neufeld R.J.
O03-1 Microchannel Emulsification for Monosized Droplets and Microcapsules
Nakajima M., Kobayashi I.
O03-2 Fabrication of cell-enclosing capsules with hollow-core via enzymatic functions
Sakai S., Ito S., Ogushi Y., Hashimoto I., Kawakami K.
O03-3 Production and optimization of SLM by flow-focusing technology
Capretto L., Mazzitelli S., Tosi A., Focaroli S., Balestra C., Nastruzzi C.
O03-4 Dry starch particle coating:optimization and coating quality measurement by CLSM
Bilancetti L., Loisel C., Depypere F., Dewettinck K., Pieters J.G., Poncelet D.
O04-1 Using plant macromolecules to produce adjustable microcapsules by spray-drying
Gharsallaoui A., Chambin O., Saurel R.
O04-2 Biocompatible titania hydrosols and hydrogels as bio- and drug delivery systems
Kessler V.G., Seisenbaeva G.A., Hakansson S., Unell M.
O04-3 Micro particles for protein vaccination
Gilert A., Machluf M.
O04-4 Mechanical stability of multicomponent polysaccharide microcapsules
Bartkowiak A., Brylak W.
O05-1 Sunflower oil as shell material for oral food delivery systems of micronutrients
Wagdare N.A., Marcelis A.T.M., van Rijn C.J.M.
O05-2 Functional foods in the 21st century : delivering on the promise
Smithers G., Augustin M.A., Sanguansri L., Crittenden R.
O05-3 Encapsulation of genistein in amylose complexes
Cohen R., Orlova Y., Kovalev M., Ungar Y., Lesmes U., Shimoni E.
O05-4 MW profile of the matrix affects the stability of microencapsulated fish oil
Drusch S., Mannino S.