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XIIth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

September 24-26, 2004 - Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

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Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-06 Encapsulation of nutraceuticals in Water-in-Oil-in-Water multiple emulsions
Reid A., Poncelet D., Vuillemard J.C.
P-07 FLOCAP - Novel Flow Focussing Technology to produce Microencapsulated Probiotic
Marta Macias (TTZ-Bremerhaven)
P-08 Immobilization of fungal cells for continuous chemicals production in a stirred
Offermann E., Massart B., Simon J.P.
P-09 Formulation of hydrogel beads in SMX static mixer
Bone S., Poncelet D., Della valle D.
P-10 Influence of various factors on alginate matrix formation
Manaenkov O.V., Sidorov A.I., Sulman E.M., Tichonov B.B.
P-11 Different approaches to the prevention of cell release from biocatalyst used for
Stepanov N., Efremenko E.
P-12 Mathematical modeling of drug release from beads
Klinger E.A., Manaenkov O.V., Klinger A.V., Sidorov A.I.
P-13 Elaboration and characterization of SLN as a DNA delivery system.
del Pozo A., Solinis M.A., Gascon A.R., Montero A., Esquisabel A., Pedraz J.L.
P-14 Biocatalyst for hydrogen production developed on the base of immobilized phototr
Kochetkova N., Efremenko E.
P-15 Microencapsulated bienzyme system glucose oxidase/peroxidase
Balabushevich N.G., Sukhorukov G.B., Tiourina O.P., Larionova N.I.
P-16 Development of novel stimuli-responsive amphoteric cryogels for encapsulation an
Bimendina L.A., Koizhaiganova R.B., Ibraeva Z.E.
P-17 Production and characterization of lipidic microspheres for biopharmaceutical ap
Tosi A., Bilancetti L., Di Croce S., Luca G., Nastruzzi C.
P-18 Liposomal Forms of Protein Proteinase Inhibitors
Balkina A., Selischeva A., Sorokoumova G., Larionova N.
P-19 Encapsulation of a formate dehydrogenase
Hussmann W., Vorlop K.
P-20 Enzymes encapsulated in ternary AOT/water/octane system versus enzymes in water
Kazarov A., Klyachko N.L., Kohling R., Levashov A.V., Winter R.
P-21 Chitosan gels with entrapped enzyme hydrolyzing pesticides and chemical warfare
Peregudov A., Kildeeva N., Perminov P., Efremenko E.
P-22 Effect of formulation parameters on the preparation of albumin-loaded pectin mic
Urbano A.P., Ribeiro A.J., Veiga F.
P-23 Immobilization of urease in novel alginate-polycation microcapsules for urea rem
Esquisabel A., Orive G., Hernandez R.M., Pedraz J.L.
P-24 Microencapsulation of living cells using two-liquid droplet electrostatic format
Lewinska, Rosinski S., Bukowski J., Werynski A. D.
P-25 Coating of potato tubers with AM fungi to reduce the input of chemical fertilize
Siham M., Voets L., Strullu D.G.