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XIIth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

September 24-26, 2004 - Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

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Ref. Contributions 81 to 98 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P-46 DNA-prime protein-boost vaccination based on biodegradable microspheres for tube
de Melo Lima K., Aparecida dos Santos S. I., Lopes Silva C., M
P-47 Thermodynamic behaviour of host-guest inclusion complexation
Viernstein H., Wolschann P.
P-48 Increased production of a bacteriocin-like inhibitory substance from Bifidobacte
Wullschleger S., von Ah U., Meile L., Lacroix C.
P-49 Immune response after subcutaneous immunization with microspheres containing mal
Mata E., Carcaboso A.M., Igartua M., Hernandez R.M., Corradin G., Pedraz J.L.
P-50 Using of polymeric compounds at the filtrating bioleaching of sulfide ores
Rashidova S., Voropaeva N., Kukanova S.I., Lazutin N.A., Airopetova J.S., Zainut
P-51 Mechanical and diffusive properties of homogeneous alginate gels and micropartic
Pasut E., Murano E., Grassi M., Toffanin R., Pedersini C.
P-52 Use of LPS microbeads as antibacterial agent in food packaging
Jacquot M., Revol A.M., Desobry S.
P-53 The New Method of Seed and Corm Coating Based on Polyelectrolyte Complexes
Bartkowiak A., Startek L., Salachna P., Kaminska M., Mazurkiewicz-Zapalowicz K.
P-54 Capsulation of various agriculture seeds. Practical results.
Ruban I., Rashidova S., Voropaeva N.
P-55 Use of Chitin Derivatives in the Production of Microcapsules and Vectors Contain
Babak V.
P-56 Mechanical coating of pharmaceutical active substance
Vilela, Chamayou, Baron, Berthoumieu, Przybylski
P-57 Alginate and pectin microcapsules as a potential folic acid delivery medium in a
Kailasapathy K., Phillips M., Nguyen M., Skurray G.
P-58 New mechanism of microencapsulation by means of polysaccharides
Felci M., Viton C., Domard A.
P-59 Formation and Properties of Surfactant-Polyelectrolyte Complexes Gel Microcapsu
Merkovich E.A., Kildeeva N.R., Babak V., Rinaudo M.
P-60 Chitosan of different deacetylation degree for agriculture seeds encapsulation.
Rashidova S., Milusheva R., Ahmedova K., Voropaeva N., Ruban I.
P-61 Discrete-differential modeling of brewing yeast distributionsin alginate microbe
Obradovic B., Todosijevic Z., Nedovic V., Korac A., Bugarski B.
P-62 Compression coating of probiotic cells with targeted delivery
Huckle B., Justen P., Hewitt C., Zhang Z.
P-63 Adsorption studies of the carnocin KZ213 on cellular debris immobilized in PVA a
Khouti Z., Simon J.P.