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VIth International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 29- , 1997 - Barcelone, Spain

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 60] [61 to 80] [81 to 85]

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Ref. Contributions 61 to 80 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P20 Oral immunization of rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss against vibriosis with mi
Murano E., Gatta P.P., Mazzolini E., Giorgetti G., Bauce G., Perbellini A.
P21 The effect of encapsulated thrombin on the mast cell H secretion at wound healin
Shestakova E., Umarova B., Dugina T., Markvicheva E., Kuptsova S., Strukova S.
P22 Biosorption of some metal ions by Propionibacterium sp. immobilized in alginate
Czaczyk K.
P23 The applicability of covalently immobilized naringinase for the debittering of k
Puri M.
P24 Reactor design and concept for application of immobilized living cells in the ci
Durieux A., Depaepe C., Nicolay X., Pietercelie A., Jourdain J.M., Simon J.P.
P25 Enhancing the ecological competence of brewers yeast inocula through immobilized
Walsh P., Mcloughlin A.J.
P26 Crosslinking treatment of loaded erythrocytes increases delivery of encapsulated
Alvarez F.J., Jordan J.A., Lotero L.A., Diez J.C., Tejedor M.C.
P27 Acid phosphatase immobilization in chitosan beads and characterization
Busto M.D., Garcia A.M., Ortega N., Perez-Mateos M.
P28 Differential macrophage recognition of carrier erythrocytes treated with differe
Jordan J.A., Alvarez F.J., Lotero L.A.,Olmos G., Tejedor M.C., Diez J.C.
P29 In vitro studies of ADH and ALDH encapsulated into human RBCs by an electroporat
Lizano C., Sanz S., Luque J., Pinilla M.
P30 Zymomonas mobilis cells entrapped into poly(vinyl) alcohol cryogel as the biocat
Rainina E., Makhlis T., Bachurina G., Efremenko E., Lozinsky V.
P31 Zymomonas mobilis cells entrapped into poly(vinyl) alcohol cryogel as the biocat
Bachiri Y., Cock-Gallaire L., Bajon C., Sauvanet A., Morisset C.
P32 Short-term cold storage and N2 drying of in vitro produced spores of an arbuscul
Declerck S., Bottu P., Ouwerx C., Mestdagh M., Corbisier-Colson A.M., Delvaux B.
P33 Encapsulation of somatic tissue using electrostatics
Al-Hajri H., Al-Maskari S., Al-Kharousi L., El-Mardi O., Goosen M.F.A.
P34 Immobilization affects transport properties of plasma membrane of algae cells
Rudkovskaya E.E., Yurin V.M.
P35 Ca-alginate microencapsulation of hybridoma cells for continuous perfusion cultu
Tinto A., Vila P., Tello R., Cairo J.J., Casas C., Godia F.
P36 Bio-entrapment evaluation and formulation of rhizobium isolates in alginate bead
Ciampi L., Schobitz R., Fuentes R., Oyarzun J., Araya J., Gomez R.
P37 Bio-encapsulation of bacterial cells associated with the biological control of p
Ciampi L., Bernal G., Schobitz R., Fuentes R.
P38 The influence of encapsulation of microbial cells on phenol degrading activity.
Branyik T., Kuncova G., Paca J.
P39 Encapsulation for the production of synthetic seeds in agronomic crops
Rao P.S., Ganapathi T.R., Suprasanna P., Bapat V.A.