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VIth International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 29- , 1997 - Barcelone, Spain

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
01-1 Fundamentals of dispersion in encapsulation technology
Poncelet D., Dulieu C., Neufeld R.
01-2 A novel vibrating nozzle extrusion system for the application of microbial and a
Marison I., Brandenberger H., Catana E., Heinzen C., Kuhn O., Pluss R.
01-3 Encapsulation by polyelectrolyte complex formation - current state of developmen
Dautzenberg H., Lukanoff B., Schuldt U., Tiersch B.
01-4 Influence of the immobilization technique on the efficiency of stereoselective r
Christov P., Spassov G., Pramatarova V.
01-5 Polyvinylalcohol (PVAL)-hydrogels for the entrapment of nitrifiers
Jekel M., Buhr A., Willke T., Vorlop K.
01-6 Inclusion of large hydrocolloids in microcapsules by reversible porosity change
Woehlecke H., Ehwald R.
01-7 Basic physicochemical properties of poly(vinyl alcohol) cryogels determining the
Lozinsky V.I., Zubov A.L.
02-1 Mechanical damage to microcapsules in turbulent capillary flows
Sia S.T., Zhang Z.
02-2 Characterization of alginate gels : relation between structure and retention/rel
Ouwerx C., Deghorain B., Mestdagh M.M., Axelos M.A.V.
02-3 Non-invasive monitoring of cell-based bioartificial tissue constructs by NMR
Constantinidis I., Long Jr R.C., Sambanis A.
02-4 Encapsulation of living cells in alginate and alginate/PVAL hydrogels
Kujawa P., Lemiesz M., Kolodziejczyk M., Narebski J., Pajewski L.A., Rosiak J.M.
02-5 Stable polysaccharide gelling systems for bioencapsulation
Krylova E.A., Lukina I.G., Mulyukin A.L., Kozlova A.N., El-Registan G.I., Plashc
03-1 Bioencapsulation for high-throughput screening
Nasby N., Cantafio A., Aronson N., Sherman D.
03-2 Gel beads containing cells as versatile autopoietic machines
Nava Saucedo E., Bienaime C., Roisin C., Gosselin M.L., Asanza Teruel, Barreleir
03-3 Effect of alginate gel structure on bacterial conjugation
Mater D.D.G., Nava Saucedo J.E., Truffaut N., Barbotin J.N., Thomas D.
03-4 Bioluminescence as indicator of cells viability of immobilized E. coli cells car
Brovko L., Romanova N., Makhlis T., Zubov A., Lozinsky V., Ugarova N.
04-1 Magnetically guided drugs of cytostatic and anaesthetic action based on high dis
Chuiko A.A., Shklovskaya N., Fedorenko O., Rurbatova G., Oranskaya E., Sokhov S.
04-2 Photosensitized erythrocytes as active agent delivery/targeting vehicles
Rollan A.M., McHale A.P.
04-3 Human liver cell lines proliferate freely and maintain their differentiated phen
Selden C., Leiper K., Ryder T., Roberts E., Parker K., Winlove P., Hogson H.J.F.
04-4 Improvement of biocompatibility of A-P-A-microcapsules with PEG-amine for bioart
Chen J.P., Shiao M.Y., Chu I.M., Hsu B.R.S., Fu S.H.