25th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

Chicago, USA - October 9-12, 2023

How does the Business to Business meetings work ?

B2B is a major element of the convention. It allows you to meet up to 18 others for 40 minutes each
to either propose your services or to express your needs.

  1. During the registration, you will be requested to fill your profile. You may come back later to complete it.
  2. Your profile will be consulted by other attendees to make their own selection of meetings. Fill it carefully.
  3. One month before the event and once your payment has been recorded, you will get access to the option "B2B selection" under the submenu "Your registration".
  4. You may select up to 12 participants you wish to meet (see below) and organize their names in descending order of importance for you.
  5. You may return any time to modify your selection.
  6. Note that your selection is not visible by other participants.
  7. The day before the meeting, we will collect all the data, run the Meet-me program, a powerful tool optimizing the B2B meetings.
  8. Individual schedules will be printed and distributed at the registration desk.
  9. During the meeting, you may still come to the front desk and ask for new appointments.
How to make your selection ?
  • An example of selection screen is provided below.
  • Participants are classified by alphabetic order of affiliation.
  • Do not be surprised if your name does not appear in the list ; you are not supposed to meet with yourself ...
  • Click on any participant's name to view his/her profile. You may also print and/or consult the profile list.
  • The list on the left contains all not-selected participants.
  • The list on the right contains your own selection.
  • The middle column contains buttons to build your selection, in your order of preference: Insert, Remove, and Move the names of the participants you wish to meet.
  • Save your selection at least every 15 minutes and before you leave the page.