25th Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

Chicago, USA - October 9-12, 2023

Convention Speakers

Roger Nahas, Kalsec, USA
Nahas Dr. Roger Nahas is the Executive VP of Global R&D and Chief Innovation Officer at Kalsec®, leading a global team of 70 scientists specialized in natural products and their use as food ingredients. He holds a PhD in Chemistry and a MS in Natural Products. He is an inventor, invited speaker, Board member and author of several publications in the field. Dr. Nahas is a true devotee to the power of innovation as a key driver of sustainable success & prosperity. Kalsec
Thorsten Brandau, Brace, Germany
Brandau 1991-1996 University of Frankfurt Diploma Chemistry ("Diplom Chemiker"), "J-Coupling derived Analysis of Diederangles in Fatty Acid Binding Protein"
1996-2000 University of Frankfurt PhD at the Institut of Biophysical Chemistry and Biochemistry, "Determination of the Structure of H-FABP from Bovine Hear with multi-dimensional NMR-Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations"
1992-2000 Work at BRACE GmbH for Encapsulation, Granulation and Machinery (part time)
2000-2001 Head of Development at BRACE GmbH
2001- President/CEO of BRACE GmbH.
Katherine Buzecky, Fluid Air, USA
Buzecky Lead Process Engineer supportingBuzecky electrostatic spray drying and fluid bed equipment manufacturer servicing the pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, food, and industrial industries. Current role encompasses leading a team of Process Engineers in proving out Fluid Air technology to potential customers, performing comprehensive training of technology purchased to new customers, and supporting existing customer needs. Past experiences include Quality Assurance role with a pharmaceutical manufacturer, as well as analytical chemistry background. FluidAir
André Brodkorb, Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ireland
Brodkorb His research interest covers the structure/function relationship of food and food ingredients, proteins from animal and plant-base sources in particular. Changes are monitored from “from source to delivery” i.e. harvest, processing, food production, storage all the way to consumption and gastro-intestinal transit in vitro and in vivo. Research on structuring of food components is also applied for the development of encapsulation devices for the delivery of bioactives or cells in protein-based aggregates or micro-gels.Andre Brodkorb is the lead author of the international consensus Infogest in vitro digestion method for food. He also hosted 15 digestion-related webinars by international expert, all available on the Infogest YouTube channel.
Teagasc Food Research Centre
Robert M. Sobel, McCormick & Company, Inc., USA
Sobel Robert M. Sobel, Ph.D. serves McCormick & Company as Vice President of Research & Innovation, Americas Flavor Solutions, developing new and novel flavor encapsulation delivery systems and taste modification technologies. He has over 20 years of industrial flavor R&D experience at McCormick-FONA in Geneva, Illinois, USA. Robert has published manuscripts in Analytical Chemica Actica, The Journal of Chemical Education, ACS Omega, and Perfumer & Flavorist; Editor of Microencapsulation in the Food Industry 2nd Edition. He is cited as an inventor on many patents and patents pending in the art of microencapsulation, flavor systems for natural materials, and synthesis of novel sensate compounds. McCormick & Company
Gisèle Ongmayeb, Capsulae, France
Sobel Gisèle graduated in chemistry and obtained her PhD in Process Engineering from the University of Nantes (France) in 2008. Gisèle has an expertise in chemical encapsulation methods and is familiar with the following technologies: coacervation, interfacial polymerization, interfacial reticulation, in-situ polymerization, using dripping or emulsion-based techniques. Gisèle has (co-) authored more than 10 patents and several others publications McCormick & Company
Jimi Pettersson, Bacthera, Denmark
Petersson As Technology Lead I am involved in development, optimization and upscaling of unique Bacthera process equipment and production processes across the full value chain. I have special focus on the downstream processes, which includes development and optimization of formulations for drying processes, concentration, drying processes and powder functionality. Bacthera
Charles R. Frey, Coating Place, USA
Frey Following initial R&D positions with Dow Chemical Co.. Betz Laboratories, and Gilson Medical Electronics, Chuck joined Coating Place, Inc. in 1999. Coating Place is the original offshoot of 1960s Wurster (bottom spray) fluid bed coating technology developed at the University of Wisconsin. Over his 23 years with Coating Place, Chuck has developed and honed his knowledge and understanding of coating formulations and the mechanics of fluid bed coating processes. Primary activities have focused on formulation development, feasibility studies, scale up, validation, and commercial manufacturing. Supported by an underlying motivation for continuous improvement, he continues to deepen his knowledge and understanding of formulations, equipment design, and process execution. Coating_place
Stephane Desobry, Université de Lorraine, France
Desobry Stephane Desobry got an Engineer's degree in Food Science (E.N.S.A.I.A.) and a PhD in Food Science from I.N.P.L University in 1991. He is now full Professor at the University of Lorraine. His research concerns food science and particularly the food preservation. He is the coordinator of the “Bioeconomy, Biomolecules Science and Engineering (B2SE)” program (2023-30) that brings together more than 200 researchers from 21 laboratories and 18 companies. Université de Lorraine
Shawn Zhang, DigiM Solution LLC, USA
Zhang Shawn is a Founder and Managing Director of DigiM. Shawn graduated from Rutgers University with a Ph.D. in Computational Physics and a minor in Computer Engineering. Before starting Boston-based DigiM, Shawn held senior positions at leading CAE software company Fluent (now Ansys) and leading electron microscopy company FEI (now ThermoFisher). Shawn is passionate about the combined power of imaging, AI, and computational physics. With over hundreds of publications, patents, and software products, Shawn leads DigiM to becoming a trusted partner in microstructure science across multiple industries. EncapProcess
Raetus Boehlen , Erbo Spraytec, Switzerlands
Burkhalter Raetus Boehlen is the CEO and majority shareholder of Erbo Spraytec AG. Raetus worked in different positions within the company for 25 years. Erbo Spraytec AG is a toll manufacturer supports its customers in launching new products and improving existing products in the feed, food, and cosmetic industry based on fluidized bed technology. Raetus studied Chemistry and holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry from University of Osnabrueck, Germany as well as MBA for Small and midsize Businesses of the University of St. Gallen. Erbo Spraytec
Marijana Dragosavac, Loughborough University, UK
Dragosavac Marijana M Dragosavac, Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary chemical engineer with 20+ years of mixed industrial and academic experience. She currently holds a position as Chief Scientific Officer at Micropore Technology (Redcar, UK) and is a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University (Loughborough, UK). Her expertise is particle engineering and encapsulation. Her projects span from manufacturing of novel ion exchange resins for protein purification, microcarriers for cell expansion, cells, and nutrients encapsulation for health/wellbeing to nanoparticles (liposomes,/solid lipid nanoparticles) for drug & mRNA delivery. More recently she has been leading API crystallisation using novel technologies to control crystallinity and reduce manufacturing costs. Loughborough University