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COST840 meeting

May 18-20, 2000 - Vienna, Austria

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 32]

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O01 Encapsulation of enzymes and microorganisms by means of fluid bed coating
Eichler K.
O02 Entrapment of microbial cells in innovative approaches to food industry
Gemeiner P., Navratil M., Sturdik E., Zigova J., Domeny Z., Smogrovicova D., Mal
O03 Gelatin microspheres cross-linked by oxidized dextran
Nastruzzi C., Cortesi R., Esposito E., Menegatti E., Davis S.S.
O04 Evaluation of the mechanical strength of microcapsules aimed at encapsulation of
Lacik I., Anilkumar A.V., Wang T.G.
O05 Mechanical characterization of hollow spheres prepared by jet cutting
Pruesse U., Rose T., Vorlop K.-D.
O06 Microencapsulation using surfactant as a method of retaining native DNA structur
Gorelov A.V., McLoughlin D.M., Dawson K.A.
O07 Preparation and bioadhesive characteristics of wheat germ agglutinin-grafted pol
Gabor F., Wirth M.
O08 Polyelectrolyte complex microcapsules and their resistance evaluation
Hayert M., Poncelet D., Bertrand Y., Dhellem C., Jacquot M., Dulieu C.
O09 Encapsulation on molecular basis by cyclodextrins
Wolschann P., Viernstein H.
O10 Physical fundamentals of ultrasonic separation and micro-manipulation of suspend
Benes E., GroeschlM., Delouvroy C., Trampler F., Boehm H., Radel S., Gherardini
O11 A new model for the separation performance of ultrasonic cell filters based on a
Trampler F., Oudshoorn A., Benes E., Groeschl M.
O12 Ultrasound filtration of analytical samples from river water and sewage treatmen
Hawkes J., Coakley W.T.
O13 Observation and quantification of micro-particle displacements in MHz-ultrasonic
Spengler J., Jekel M., Christensen K.T., Adrian R.J., Hawkes J.J., Coakley W.T.
O14 Spatial organisation of microbial cells using gel immobilisation techniques and
McLoughlin A., Walsh P., Radel S., Gherardini L., Benes E.
O15 A study of the spatial organisation of microbial cells in a gel matrix subjected
Gherardini L., Radel S., McLoughlin A.J., Doblhoff-Dier O., Benes E.
O16 Effects of amphotericin B entrapment in liposomes on skins absorption
Manosroi A., Kongkaneramit L., Manosroi J.
O17 Electro-acoustic coalescence of oil droplets - Splitting of oil-in-water emilsio
Koening R., Coakley W.T., Esquena J., Fletcher P.D.I., Benes E.
O18 Sub-micron particle manipulation in an ultrasonic standing wave: applications in
Sobanski M., Tucker R., Thomas N.E., Coakley W.T.
O19 Ultrasonically-enhanced aggregation and sedimentation of E.Coli
Cousins C., Melin J.R., Coakley W.T.
O20 The mechanisms of morphology changes of yeast suspended in watery liquids and wa
Radel S., McLoughlin A.J., Gherardini L., Dblhoff-Dier O., Benes E.