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Industrial Workshop on Microencapsulation of Flavors

January 15-17, 2008 - Sion, Switzerland

Abstract : [1 to 12]

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 12 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1_1 The history of flavour micro encapsulation
Risch S.
O1_2 Future perspectives for micro encapsulation of flavours
Poncelet D.
O1_3 The current industrial technologies for micro encapsulation of flavours
Uhleman J.
O1_4 Micro encapsulation of flavours by spray drying and the prediction of shelf life
Weissbrodt J., Kamphoff M.
O1_5 Coacervation of flavours from benchmark to industrial level
Soper C.
O2_1 Encapsulation of flavours via extrusion technology
Jongboom R.
O2_2 Matrix encapsulation of non polar flavours in polysaccharides
Baranyai A.
O2_3 The role of modified starches in micro encapsulation of flavours
Heinze F.
O2_4 Sensory aspects of flavours and micro encapsulated flavours
Vingerhoeds M.H.
O3_1 Application of micro encapsulated flavours in chewing gum
Meyers M.
O3_2 Analytical aspects of micro encapsulated flavours
Cantergiani E.
O3_3 Patent aspects in the area of flavour encapsulation
Schneiter S.