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25th International Conference on Bioencapsulation

July 3-6, 2017 - La Chapelle sur Erdre (Nantes), France

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Microencapsulation : a human story
Poncelet Denis
O1-2 Collagen I Matrix Capsules For Parallelized 3D Cell Culture
Bouhlel, W., Dianat,N., Bibette, J., Bremond, N.
O1-3 Versatile cell microencapsulation platform
Crouïgneau R., Bottausci F., Gerber S., Szabo L., Benhamou P. Y., Icard B., Rive
O1-4 Evaluation of some bioactivities of microencapsulated Phaseolus lunatus protein
Gallegos, S. Sandoval, M. Betancur, D and Chel, L.
O1-5 Mouse gut in bioreactors, PolyFermS modeling for developing microbial therapies
Lacroix, C., Poeker, S., de Wouters, T., Schwab, C., Geirnaert A.
O1-6 Viabilities of yeast cells encapsulated into emulsions prepared by microchannel
Saito, Y., Yamane, K., Nishizaki, T., Peanparkdee, M., Nakagawa, T., Yamauchi, R
O1-7 Spheroids Versus Isolated Cells Encapsulation For Bioartificial Liver
Pasqua M., Pereira U., Fleury M.J., Dermigny Q., Legallais C.,
O1-8 Capturing Images of Capsules in Vivo
Bulte, J.W.M.
O2-1 Pickering emulsion based extended term delivery of small hydrophilic therapeutic
Neufeld, R.J., Wood, K., Szewczuk, M., Rousseau, D.
O2-2 CD44 targeted polymeric nanoparticles for improved cancer chemotherapy
Saneja, A., Gupta, P.N.
O2-3 Cerasomes For Anticancer Drug Delivery: Preparation And In Vitro Evaluation
Gileva A., Kondrya U., Mironova M., Sarychev G., Budanova U., Sebyakin Yu., Mark
O2-4 Polymeric nanoparticles for the treatment of infections in oral mucosa
Roque L., Castro P., Viana A., Molpeceres J., Reis C., Roberto A., Rijo P. and R
O2-5 Nano-In-Microparticles For Intestinal Dual Delivery Of Glp-1 And Dpp4-Inhibitor
Sarmento, B. et al
O2-6 Encapsulation of pancreatic islet cells for type 1 diabetes treatment
Bitar, C., Markwick, K.E., Hoesli, C.A.
O2-7 Novel ex vivo protocol using porcine vagina to assess drug permeation
Pereira, M.N., Reis, T.A., Matos, B.N. et al.
O2-8 Improved fluorobeads for 19F magnetic resonance imaging
Paredes-Juarez, Genaro A.; Majumdar, Shoumyo; de Haan, Bart; Ren, Chengcheng; El
O3-1 Encapsulation of drugs in Lipid nano-emulsions and nano-particles
Fonseca L.P., Pinto F., Lopes C., Santos A.C., Esgueira V., de Barros D., Leitão
O3-2 Polymer-based nanoscale contrast agent encapsulating iodine for X-ray imaging
Wallyn, J., Anton, N., Serra, C., Vandamme, T.F.
O3-3 Use of a kenics static mixer for continuous microencapsulation
Gobert, S. R.L., Segers, M., Teixeira, R., Kuhn, S., Braeken, L., Thomassen L. C
O3-4 Monitoring the capillary jet breakage by vibration using a fast video camera
S. Chevallier, M. C. Mazzocato, C.S. Fávaro-Trindade and D. Poncelet