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23th International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 2-4, 2015 - Delft, Netherlands

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 60] [61 to 80] [81 to 82]

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Spontaneous co-assembly of proteins for encapsulation of a hydrophilic vitamin.
Chapeau A.L., Tavares M.G., Hamon P., Croguennec T., Poncelet D., Bouhallab S.
O1-2 Functional properties of ayran enriched with encapsulated probiotic/synbiotic
Petreska Ivanovska, T., Petrushevska-Tozi, L., Mladenovska, K.
O1-3 Development of carotenoid-enriched emulsions: in vitro digestion studies
Rubilar, M., Sotomayor, D., Acevedo, F., Shene, C., Oomah, B.D.
O1-4 Dermal delivery of MTX-gel containing NLCs for effective management of psoriasis
Tripathi, P., Patel, J. R.
O1-5 Core-shell hydrogel particles by all-aqueous microfluidics
Mytnyk, S., Totlani, K., Mendes, E., van Steijn, V., Kreutzer, M., van Esch, J.
O1-6 Temperature triggered release of microcapsules
Scholz, R., Davico, L., Vöpel, T., Ebbinghaus, S., Weidner, E.
O1-7 Cell encapsulation by emulsification: predicting and controlling bead size
Markwick, K.M., Fernandez, S.A., Colantuoni, A., Moraes, C., Hoesli, C.A.
O1-8 Optimization of Resveratrol Enteric Microencapsulation By Jet-Cutter Process
Hidalgo,N; San Vicente,L; Chávarri,M; Marañón,I
O2-1 Spherical and elongated micellar carriers as versatile theranostic devices
Jennings, Ivashchenko, Laan, Waton, van der Have, Beekman, Schosseler, Mendes
O2-2 Injectable Hydrogels As A Drug Release Platform In Degenerative Disc Disease
Papen-Botterhuis, N.E., Langelaan, M.L.P., Petit, A., Yang, H.Y.
O2-3 CaCO3 microspheres/Ciprofloxacin Loaded Gelatin Cryogel for osteomyelitis
Pandey G., Pant A., Mittapelly N.,Singh P., Shukla P.K., Mishra P.R.- CSIR- CDRI
O2-4 Sustained release of op from monoglyceride stabilized pickering emulsions
Wood, K., Neufeld, R., Szewczuk, M., Rousseau, D.
O2-5 Micelles conjugated with curcumin as anticancer drug delivery vehicles
Sumina, A., Akasov, R., Chiper, M., Vandamme, T., Markvicheva, E.
O2-6 Hydrogel loaded with nano-hydroxyapatite for bone repair
Drozdova M, Demina T, Uspenskii S, Dregval O, Gaidar A, Markvicheva E, Akopova T
O2-7 Chitosan coating as an opsonization circumvent strategy for PLGA nanoparticles
Oliveira C., Veiga F., Ribeiro A. J.
O2-8 Microcarriers loaded with bioactive molecules for tissue engineering
Markvicheva E, Drozdova M, Zlobina M, Demina T, Akopova T, Grandfils Ch
O3-1 Controlling release of active substances encapsulated in mesoporous silica
Millqvist-Fureby, A.
O3-2 Fabrication of methacrylate alginate beads for bioencapsulation of cells
Li, P., Müller, M., Frettlöh, M. and Schönherr, H.
O3-3 Encapsulation of polyphenols from grape marc extract using natural carriers
Moreno, T., Navarro, I., de Paz, E., Rodríguez-Rojo, S., Martín, Á., Cocero,
O3-4 Transdermal delivery of 8-mop from nanostructured gels containing clove oil
Barradas, T.N., Silva, K.G.H., Mansur, C.E.R., Padula, C., Nicoli, S., Santi, P.