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South-American Symposium on Microencapsulation

April 30 - May 2, 2012 - Limeira, Brazil

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Microencapsulation Introduction & Applications
Denis Poncelet
O1-2 Particle engineering using spray drying
Maria Inès Ré
O1-3 Nanobiotechnology : strategies for medical , environmental and agricultal encapsulation
Nelson Duran
O1-4 Coacervation and hydrogel encapsulation
Carlos Grosso
O2-1 Encapsulation technologies for herbal products
Wanderlei P. Oliveira
O2-2 Liposomes
Maria H. Santana
O2-3 Electrospinning process: A versatile method for the encapsulation technology
Maria Helena Ambrosio Zanin
O2-4 An industrial approach to design/screen encapsulates for best performance in products:fish oil case
Ana Luiza Braga
O2-5 Rebuilding micelles by heating: a scale up approach
Kattya Silva
O2-6 Comparison of two methodologies used in active compounds encapsulation for coating in cheese industry
Citlalli Gonzalez
O3-1 Encapsulation Challenges and Future
James Oxley
O3-2 Engineering aspects of microencapsulation
Denis Poncelet
O3-3 Microencapsulation: applications for the cosmetic industry
Jenny Ling
O3-4 Micro uidic devices applications to Microencapsula- tion
Mario Gongora
O3-5 Microencapsulation of Functional and Nutraceutical ingredients: challenges and achievements
Eduardo Carita
O4-1 History, challenges and perspectives of cell microencapsulation
Paul de Vos
O4-2 Applications of encapsulation for food ingredients
Gary Reineccius
O4-3 Aquaculture: micro diets for sh larvae
Maria Celia Portella
O4-4 Cosmetic: particles for skin applications
Silvia Guterres
O4-5 Bioremediation of soils by encapsulated bacteria
Michael Seeger