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XV International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

September 6-8, 2007 - Vienna, Austria

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Ref. Contributions 81 to 100 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P3-13 Biodegradable polyelectrolyte microcapsules loaded with various therapeutic a
Markvicheva E., Sukhorukov G.
P3-14 Development and characterization of microcapsules containing aspirin for long te
Kuang S.S., Oliveira J.C., Crean A.M.
P3-15 Development of biodegradable oil encapsulated microbeads
Lewis G.
P3-16 Plasma protein adsorption onto microcapsule surface: the first step in the host
Dusseault J., Tam S.K., Menard M., Halle J.-P.
P3-17 Factorial design optimization of tripalmitin based lipospheres for biopharmaceut
Tosi A., Mazzitelli S., Capretto L., Anselmi C., Nastruzzi C.
P3-18 Scaffold constructs for cartilage tissue recovery
Krylova E.A., Plashchina I.G., Ivanov A.A., Bystrov A.V., Livak D., Krashenninik
P3-19 Seabuckthorn fruit oleosomes as natural, microencapsulated oilbodies: separation
Socaciu C., Mihis C., Trif M., Diehl H.A.
P4-01 Microencapsulated antimicrobials on non-woven textiles for shoe industries
Knez E., Boh B.
P4-02 Manganese peroxidase production by Phanerochaete chrysosporium in different mode
Vassilev N., Martinez Nieto L., Nikolaeva I., Vassileva M.
P4-03 Isolation and Characterization of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria of Ryegra
Schoebitz M., Ribaudo C., Ciampi L., Poncelet D.
P4-04 Effect of environmental humidity on oxidative stability of spray-dried whey prot
Partanen R., Raula J., Virtanen H., Buchert J., Kauppinen E., Forssell P.
P4-05 Encapsulation of bacteria for construction of whole-cell optical biosensors.
Kuncova G., Trogl J., Gavlasova P.
P4-06 Alginate micro- and nanoparticles are produced by spray-drying for oral delivery
Erdinc B., Bowey K., Neufeld R.J.
P4-07 Immobilized Saccharomyces bayanus yeast cells in ethanol production from hydroly
Stepanov N., Skomarovsky A., Sinitsin A., Efremenko E.
P4-08 Efficacy Of Pullulan In Emulsification Of Turmeric Oleoresin And Its Subsequent
Kshirsagar A.C., Yenge V.S., Sarkar A., Singhal R.S.
P4-09 Surface Hydrophilicity as an Indicator of Implanted Microcapsule Biocompatibilit
Tam S.K., Dusseault J., Halle J.-P., Laoh Y.
P4-10 Aqueous two-phase systems for the production of a novel type of microcapsules
Breguet V., Vojinovic V., von Stockar U., Marison I.W.
P4-11 Biocompatible Polymeric Nanocapsules by Miniemulsion Technique
Musyanovych A., Rosenbauer E.-M., Landfester K.
P4-12 Dry particle coating in a pan coating device
Bilancetti L., Loisel C., Poncelet D.
P4-13 Bioencapsulation into Nanoplex Carrier for Oral Insulin Delivery
Woitiski C., Ribeiro A., Neufeld R., Veiga F.