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XIIIth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

June 24-26, 2005 - Kingston, Canada

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Introduction and methods of encapsulation
Poncelet D.
O1-2 Food applications of bioencapsulation
Champagne C.
O1-3 Bioencapsulation in the medical field
Amsdem B.
O1-4 Bioengineering and bioencapsulation
Neufeld R.J.
O2-1 Importance of Polymer Characterization for Microcapsule Formation
Wandrey C.
O2-2 Influence of component characteristics on polymer network formation
Bourdillon L., Wandrey C.
O2-3 The performance of a prototype encapsulator for food applications
Nguyen M.H., Kailasapathy K., Bui A.V.
O2-4 New cross-linked polymers microcapsules for use in cell cultures (and in-situ pr
Breguet V., Gugerli R., Pernetti M., Marison I.W.
O3-1 Understanding the surface chemistry of alginate-based capsules
Tam S.K., Dusseault J., Polizu S., Menard M., Halle J.-P., Yahia Li
O3-2 The influence of spray drying parameters on microencapsulation product quality.
Adamiec J., Marciniak E.
O3-3 Nanopolymeric blends on the base of polysaccharides and their derivatives for bi
Rashidova S., Voropaeva N., Nikonovich G.V., Burkhanova N.D., Yugay S.M., Akhimb
O3-4 Visualization of the capsular membrane composition by CLSM technique
Chorvat D., Podskocova J., Kollarikova G., Danko M., Lacik I.
O4-1 Phytosteroids Encapsulated in Hydroxyapatite-Biopolymer
E.A.Krylova, A.A.Ivanov, I.G.Plashchina,
O4-2 Bioencapsulated peptides:preparation and application for wound healing
Markvicheva E., Stashevskaya K., Grandfils C.
O4-3 PolyelectrolpolyelectrolPolyelectrolyte assembling for protein microencapsulatio
Larionova N., Balabushevich N.
O4-4 Gastric protection of insulin encapsulated in alginate microspheres
Silva C.M., Ribeiro A.J., Ferreira D., Veiga F.
O5-1 Microencapsulation of hemoglobin as a potential blood substitute
Bugarski B.
O5-2 Controled release of bioactive proteins
Gu F., Neufeld R.J., Amsdem B.
O5-3 Long-term Implantation of Photo-crosslinked Alginate Microcapsules
Shen F., Li A., Potter M., Chang P.L.
O5-4 A nanoparticulate encapsulation system for insulin delivery: optimization and in
Reis C., Ribiero A., Veiga F., Houng S., Greer P., Neufeld R.