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IXth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

May 11-13, 2001 - Warsaw, Poland

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 53]

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Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O5-5 The effect of protective ingredients on the survival of immobilized cells of Str
Champagne C., Gardner N.J.
O6-1 Monitoring of the growth and viability of plant cells immobilized in alginate be
Kuncova G., Vankova R., Podrazky P.
O6-2 Biotransformation of (-)-alpha-pinene and (-)-limonene by Picea abies, Solanum a
Vankova R., Valterova I., Vanek T.
O6-3 Animal cell encapsulation within polyelectrolyte and covalelnt membranes
Pernetti M., Gugerli R., Marison I., Von Stockar U.
O6-4 Encapsulated cells or glycoconjugates against anticarbohydrate antibodies: two a
Markvicheva E.
O7-1 Calcium alginate beads as a matrix for slow release of pheromones
Yosha I., Shani A., Magdassi S.
O7-2 Acetate synthesis from carbon dioxides by immobilized homoacetogenic bacteria Th
Ryabokon A., Pusheva M.
O7-3 Immobilized combined microbial preparation for organophosphates degradation
Efremenko E., Rainina E., Lozinsky V., Makhlis T., Varfolomeyer S.
P01 Kinetical behavior of stimuli-sensitive enzyme-containing preparations in water/
Eremeev N.L., Belyaeva E.A., Gra D.V.
P02 Novel and effective entrapment of polyelectrolyte enzyme complexes in LentiKats
Vorlop K., Capan E., Dautzenberg H., Czichocki G.
P03 Micro-manipulation of particles in gel suspensions by a cylindrical ultrasonic f
Gherardini L., Hawkes J.-J., Radel S., Coakley T.W., Groeschl M., McLoughlin A.J
P04 Optimal temperature policy for a deactivating encapsulated enzyme in a batch rea
Wojcik M., Grubecki I.
P05 Some aspects of quality conservation of bioencapsulation products during drying
Adamiec J.
P06 Proteinase inhibitor loaded starch/bovine serum albumine microcapsules: preparat
Larionova N., Krasota A., Duchene D., Gerhet M., Belousova R.
P07 Polymer beads with encapsulated glycoconjugates for removal of anticarbohydrate
Grechina N., Korchagina E., Vikhoreva G., Korchagina E., Bovin N., Markvicheva E
P08 Encapsulation of the fibroblast - step to the construction of a hybrid artificia
Kolodziejczyk M., Kozicki M., Kuzdak K., Continenza M.A., Pajewski L.A., Fiedor
P09 Preparation and characterization of retinoid containing lyophilized liposomal an
Cortesi R., Esposito E., Luca G., Nastruzi C.
P10 Design, production and in vitro effect of multicompartimental microcapsules for
Nastruzi C., Luca G., Basta G., Rossi C., Ricci M., Calafiore R.
P11 Effects of encapsulation on in vitro function of cryopreserved rat islets
Sabat M., Sitarek E., Godlewska E., Ortowski E.
P12 Encapsulation of lactic acid bacteria in Ca-alginate membrane liquid-core capsul
Dembezynski R., Jankowski T.