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Fifth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

September 23-26, 1996 - Postdam, Germany

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Ref. Contributions 61 to 75 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P22 Immobilized enzyme system to avoid diacetyl formation : a new tool to accelerate
Dulieu C., Boivin P., Dautzenberg H., Poncelet D.
P23 Improvement of urease-based biosensor for heavy metal ion determination
Volotovsky V., Patskovskyi S.
P24 Powders containing iron : process of preparation
Berk Z., Dumoulin E.
P25 alpha- and beta-galactosidase in immobilized cells of higher plants
Stano J., Born I., Bezakova L., Kovacs P., Neubert K.
P26 Gelatin microcapsules impregnated with non-toxic antimicrobial agent having a br
Krylova E.A., Babak V., Mulyukin A.L., Kozlova A.N., Duzha M.V., El-Registan G.I
P27 Preparation and antigen encapsulation of the PLA-PEG microspheres with micron si
Xiongwei Li, Wenxiang Jia, Xianmo Deng
P28 Encapsulation for the production of synthetic seeds in agronomic crops
Rao P.S., Ganapathi T.R., Bapat V.A.
P29 Immobilization of pectin methylesterase isolated from Vigna sinensis seeds
Kumar A.
P30 Influence of cation-solution parameters on the carrageenan gel beads formation
Michel A.S., Mestdagh M.M.
P31 Development of highly stable multifunctional pectin/chitosan coacervate capsules
Dornenburg H., Knorr D.
P32 Cellulose sulfate/PDMDAAC polyelectrolyte complexes for the encapsulation of cel
Stange J., Mitzner S., Aldinger S., Peszynski P., Freytag J., Klammt S., Schmidt
P33 Cryoimmobilized microbial cells for the production of useful compounds, for the
Rainina E., Lozinsky V., Wild J.
P34 Comparison of different immobilized reactor configurations to accomplish the app
Durieux A., Nicolay X., Jourdain J.-M., Garre V., Plaisant A.-M., Pietercelie A.
P35 Did the drying of entrapped cells in natural hydrogels stabilize those immobiliz
Simon J.-P., Leloup R., Aranossian J.Y., Pietercelie A., Defroyennes J.-P., Duri
P36 Light-addressable potentiometric multisensor
Patskovskyi S., Zhylyak G.