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Fourth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

September 7-9, 1994 - Quebec, Canada

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 28]

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Production of polymer microbeads using electrostatic extrusion
Amsden A., Goosen T., Bugarski B.
O1-2 Prediction of microsphere mean diameter during formulation by emulsification/int
Boadi D. K., Poncelet D., S.S.H. Tin, R.J. Neufeld
O1-3 Polyionic hydrogels as support for immobilization and co-immobilization of lipas
Dimitriu S., Chornet E., Vidal P., Moresoli C.
O1-4 Control of the properties of capsules obtained from oppositely charged polyelect
Dautzenberg H., Krause M., Lukanoff B.
O2-1 A new technique for enhancing substrate influx to enzymes encapsulated within ph
Chakrabarti A.C., Deamer D.W., Breaker R.R., Joyce G.F.
O2-2 pH-sensitivity of chitosan-polyether hydrogels
Peng T.H., Yao K.D., Goosen T.
O2-3 Diffusion of immunoglobulins and cytokines into alginate polylysine microcapsule
Thu B., Kulseng B., Espevik T., Skjak-Braek G.
O2-4 Encapsulation of various molecules in chitosan/calcium alginate beads
Huguet M.L., Dellacherie E., Poncelet D., Neufeld R.J.
O3-1 Immobilized cell technology in food processing
Champagne C.P.
O3-2 Mixed cultures of Lactococcus lactis in milk produced by immobilized cells
Audet P., St-Gelais D., Roy D.
O3-3 Continuous inocculation and acidification of milk with mesophilic acid bacteria
Sodini-Gallot I., Corrieu G., Boquien C.Y., Latrille E., Lacroix C.
O3-4 Phage resistance of an immobilized cell system used for continuous inoculation a
Lapointe M., Vuillemard J.C., Champagne C., Lacroix C.
O3-5 Beer production with immobilized yeast cells in a pilot plant scale airlift reac
Mensour N., Norton S.
O3-6 Galactooligosaccharide production by immobilized beta-galactosidases from Thermu
Berger J.L., Lee B.H., Lacroix C.
O3-7 DNA immobilization within alginate microspheres for the biomonitoring of environ
Quong D., Boadi D.K., Alexakis T., Neufeld R.J., O Neill I.K., Ellul A., Poncele
O4-1 Feeding white sturgeon larvae with carrageenan microbound diets
Gawlicka A., McLaughlin L., de la Noue J., Hung S.S.O.
O4-2 Encapsulation of protoplasts of Linum usitatissimum : matrix composition and (gl
Roger D., David A., David H.
O4-3 Encapsulated carrot somatic embryos : relationships between physico-chemical pro
Timbert R., Barbotin J.N., Bazinet C., Thomas D.
O4-4 First application of encapsulation-dehydration to cryopreservation of cell suspe
Dereuddre J., Bachiri Y., Gazeau C., Hansz J., Morisset C.
O5-1 Novel microbial encapsulation method using kappa-carrageenan at 30C for environ
Cassidy M.B., Leung K., Lee H., Trevors J.T.