23rd Microencapsulation Industrial Convention

Online convention - June 10, 2021

Registration class & participation fees

To register select New registration, and step by step follow the registration process.

  • Green circle indicates that you completed the step.
  • Red circle indicates that you have to complete the step.
  • Orange text indicates that you may still modify the information.
  • Red text shows the step you are working on.
  • Grey text indicates a step not yet available.

Participation fees include :

  • Access to the online convention and all the activities
  • Registration as Researcher means working at the University or in a Public Research Center, NOT in the INDUSTRY.
  • Registration as Exhibitor includes registration fees and virtual booth (including video, brochure, link ...)
  • Registration as Exhibitor is done only by the main representative. Other participants register as industrial.
  • Exhibitors will be contacted to explain how to build the virtual booth
Class Industrial Researcher Exhibitor

Register before June 4, 2021 250 € 150 € 350 €
How to pay ?
  • While logged in, select the submenu Status & payment under REGISTRATION
  • You may pay by:
    • Credit Card
    • Bank Transfer or Check drawn on a French Bank (Click on Invoice to get detailed instructions)

Invoice :

  • While logged in, your invoice is available by selecting the submenu Invoice under REGISTRATION.
  • If needed, you may edit the address and include your own reference (VAT number).
  • Printable acquitted invoice will be available once payment has been recorded on the BRG bank account.
  • Acquitted invoices will be provided on site to each participant at the registration desk.
How to make your selection ?
  • An example of selection screen is provided below.
  • Participants are classified by alphabetic order of affiliation.
  • Do not be surprised if your name does not appear in the list ; you are not supposed to meet with yourself ...
  • Click on any participant's name to view his/her profile. You may also print and/or consult the profile list.
  • The list on the left contains all not-selected participants.
  • The list on the right contains your own selection.
  • The middle column contains buttons to build your selection, in your order of preference: Insert, Remove, and Move the names of the participants you wish to meet.
  • Save your selection at least every 15 minutes AND before you leave the page.

Cancellation policy

Registration fees are not refundable but you may modify the name of the person attending the convention directly from your registration page but only until June 4, 2021