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COST 840 Workshop Bioencapsulation, Innovation and Technologies

December 8-10, 2000 - Espoo, Finland

Abstract : [1 to 14]
Ref. Contributions 1 to 14 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Alginate as immobilization materials for cells
Skjak-Braek G.
O1-2 Alternative polycations for microcapsule production
Grigorescu G., Rehor A., Hunkeler D.
O1-3 Diffusion of copper(II) chloride in concentrate alginate gel
Kwiatkowska S., Wojcik M.
O1-4 Production of alginate beads by emulsification/internal gelation
Poncelet D., Neufeld R.J.
O1-5 Biopolymers as yeast carriers in brewing
Nedovic V., Obradovic B., Leskosek-Cukalovic I., Bugarski B.
O2-1 Proteins : versatile material for microencapsulation
Vingerhoeds M.H., Harmsen H.F.
O2-2 HPMCP-matrix tablets with viable lactic acid bacteria
Stadler M., Viernstein H.
O2-3 A manifold role of the anti-gelling sodium cation in controlling the gelling kin
Lacik I., Anilkumar A.V., Wang T.G.
O4-1 Starch suitability for encapsulation
Colonna P., Lourdin D., Ring S., Buleon A.
O4-2 Properties of starches as film formers
Forssell P., Partanen R., Myllarinen P.
O4-3 Resistant starch in encapsulation of probiotic
Myllarinen P., Forssell P., Alander M., Saarela M., Poutanen K., Mattila-Sandhol
O5-1 Inclusion complexation of bioactive compounds with beta-cyclodextrin
Partanen R., Lahdemaki P., Lahdemaki L., Forssell P.
O5-2 Encapsulation of probiotic bacteria by direct compression
Chan E.S., Zhang Z.
O5-3 Hollow bead formation by polyelectrolyte complexes of sulfoethylcellulose (SEC)
Vorlop K.D., Rose T., Patel A.V.