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XX International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 21-24, 2012 - Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Abstract : [1 to 20] [21 to 40] [41 to 60] [61 to 80] [81 to 83]
Ref. Contributions 61 to 80 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
P_20 A European survey and recommendation for in vitro models for gastric transit of
Brodkorb, A., Recio, I., Mackie,A. and Dupont, D.
P_21 Polymeric nanoparticles as carrier system: the investigation of citotoxicity and
Lima R.,Yamawaki P.C., Feitosa L.O, Melo N.F.S., Campos E.V., Fraceto L.F.
P_22 One-pot synthesis and encapsulation of iron iodate (Fe(IO3)3) hybrid nanoparticl
Ladj, R.;Valour, J.P.; Mugnier, Y.; Le-Dantec, R.; Fessi, H.; Elaissari, A.
P_23 Synthesis, encapsulation and antibacterial studies of ternary copper(II) complex
Sousa, I., Feio, M.J., Pereira, E. and Gameiro, P.
P_24 Characterization of Adhesion Between Chemical Robots and Biological Substrates
Tokarova, V., Ullrich, M., Haufova, P., Pittermannova, A., Stepanek, F.
P_25 Microencapsulation of bio-control bacteriophage by spray drying method
Islam G. Wang Qi. Sabour P. Warriner Keith
P_26 Encapsulation of gallic acid in zein electrospun sub-micron fibers
Neo Y.P., Ray S., Gizdavic-Nikolaidis M., Jin J. and Quek S.Y.
P_27 Mucoadhesive nanoparticles for topical ocular drug delivery
Liu S., Verma M., and Gu F. X.
P_28 Raspberry wine fermentation by immobilized yeast cells
Kalusevic, A., Dordevic, R., Levic S., Vunduk, J., Leskosek Cukalovic,I
P_29 Encapsulation of tissues in cage-like living cell layer using microcapsules
Shinji Sakai, Hitomi Inagaki, Kazuya Inamoto, Masahito Taya
P_30 Development and characterization of natural antioxidant-containing chitosan nano
Baptista da Silva S., Oliveira A., Ferreira D., Pintado M., Sarmento B
P_31 A novel approach for encapsulation of cells to overcome cell protrusion.
Bhujbal S.V., de Haan B.J., Niclou S.P. and de Vos P.
P_32 Alginate-inulin microbeads encapsulating antioxidants from Pterospartum tridenta
Kalusevic A., Isailovic B., Dordevic V., Coelho M.T., Alves D.V., Bugarski
P_33 Synthesis of novel low molecular weight alginate-pMMA hybrids using living radic
Vitaliy Kapishon, Michael Cunningham, Ralph Whitney and Ron Neufeld
P_34 Alginate beta-galactosidase microcapsules for lactose intolerance prevention
Ciric, Al., Kiss, C.
P_35 Whey protein retention in particles obtained by ionic gelation
Rodrigues, J.B., Grosso, C.R.F.
P_36 Encapsulation and release kinetics of bioactives from whey protein microgels
O'Neill, G. Jacquier, J.C. O'Sullivan, M. O'Riordan, E. D.
P_37 Biopolymer capsules as carrier for crop-specific microbial consortia
Muller, H., Zachow, C., Furnkranz, M., Berg, G.
P_38 A polyanhydride sustained release devices for hydrophliic drugs
Liu, T.H., Chu I.M.
P_39 A novel approach to the polymer microcontainer fabrication
Borodina T.N., Marchenko I.V., Grigoriev D.O., Bukreeva T.V.