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XX International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 21-24, 2012 - Orillia, Ontario, Canada

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Ref. Contributions 41 to 60 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O10_3 Development of nanospheres as carrier systems for herbicides aiming agricultural
Fraceto L.F., Grillo R., Pimentel C.Z., Rosa A.H., de Lima R.
O10_4 Biological deteriorated alginate beads containing bacteria and microalgae provid
de-Bashan, L.E., Cruz, I., Covarrubias, S.A., Bashan, Y.
P_01 Optical fiber whole cell bioluminescent sensor
Kuncova, G., Pospisilova, M., Solovyev, A.
P_02 Hydrogel Bead Processing for Mammalian Cell Culture
Raghuram K, Hoesli C, Piret JM
P_03 Design considerations for alternate site nanofiber islet encapsulation devices
Bowers D. Chhabra P. Langman L. Brayman K. Botchwey E.
P_04 Polymeric nanoparticles for encapsulation of lipophilic drugs by coacervation m
Figueiredo, J. S. L., Materon, E. M., Santos, M. L., Riccardi, C. S., Bueno
P_05 Elaboration of complex pharmaceutical vector for oral peptid delivery: applicati
Auberval N., Bekel A. and Frere Y.
P_06 1,3-beta-glucans as structural and functional units for drug delivery
Verma M. S., Lehtovaara B. C. and Gu F.X.
P_07 Optimization of biodegradable microparticles loaded with TRAP-6 for tissue engin
Drozdova,M., Privalova,A., Demina,T., Akopova,T., Grandfils,Ch., Markvicheva,E.
P_08 Crosslinked polyion complex micelles based on biopolymers for colon-targeted dru
Li J. and Subirade M.
P_09 Microencapsulation of pomegranate peel phenolics
Cam, M., Icyer, N.C.
P_10 Keeping Probiotics Alive - Technological and Applications Challenges
Sanguansri L., Weerakkody R, Ying D., Augustin, MA.
P_11 Encapsulation of laccase in chitosan carriers by spray drying technique
Kaspar, O., Tokarova, V., Stepanek, F.
P_12 Microencapsulation of thyme oil by coacervation: production, characterization an
Martins I. M., Rodrigues S. N., Barreiro F., Rodrigues A.E.
P_13 Stability by Microencapsulation - A novel formulation for long term preservation
Brandau T., Pop O.
P_14 Protein-based micro-beads for improved protection of sensitive ingredients durin
Brodkorb, A., Doherty, S.B. and Auty, M.A.
P_15 In vivo imaging of the fate of a hybrid nanoparticulate BMP-7 drug delivery syst
Nayef L., Hamdy R. and Tabrizian M.
P_16 Application of microencapsulation in the development of alternatives to antibiot
Wang Q., Ma, Y., Zhang, Y., Tang, Z., Gong, J., Sabour, P., Chambers, J., de La
P_17 Saponin-based micelles for the solubilisation of lipophilic food ingredients
Drusch, S. and Tippel, S.
P_19 Design Improvements to Insulin In Vitro Release and Oral Bioavailability via Nan
Donya Golkaran, Catarina Pinto Reis, Camile Woitiski, Kaitlin E. Reilly and Ro