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XX International Conference on Bioencapsulation

September 21-24, 2012 - Orillia, Ontario, Canada

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Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O05_4 Biopolymeric microcapsules for the spatiotemporally-controlled delivery of growt
Edwards-Levy Florence, Mallet Pauline, Ebba Brakenhielm
O06_1 Marquette,S; Goole,J; Langers,I; Amighi,K; Peerboom,Cl; Yates,A; Denis,L
Monoclonal antibody encapsulation in polymer microspheres
O06_2 The triple fortification of salt with iodine, iron, and folate using spray dried
McGee E. and Diosady L.
O06_3 Controlling the release rate of actives in industrial areas
Voepel J., Larsson A.
O06_4 Supercritical CO2 as highly efficient innovative process for proteins encapsulat
Hassani L.N, Calvignac B, Beuvier T, Hindre F, Gibaud A, Boury F
O07_1 Utilization of solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) in the delivery of curcumin in co
Guri A. Gulseren ?. and Corredig M.
O07_2 Nano-encapsulations liberated from plant protein microparticles for oral deliver
Chen L., Wang R. and Tian Z.
O07_3 Kinetic evaluation of nanoparticle biocompatibility for predicting in vivo behav
Huang, J.G.; Gu, F.X.
O07_4 Nanotechnology for medical and environmental applications
Carty, A. and F. Gu
O08_1 Bioencapsulated tumor spheroids as a 3D model to study cytotoxicity of novel ant
Akasov R., Drozdova M., Zaytseva-Zotova D., Yuablokova T., Marc A., I. Ch
O08_2 Proliferation of lymphocytes immobilized in polyelectrolyte capsules
Zambrano K., Raup A., Hubner H., Werner M., Buchholz R and Freitag R.
O08_3 Fibronectin-alginate microcapsules improve cell viability and protein secretion
Sayyar B., Dodd M., Marquez-Curtis L., Janowska-Wieczorek A., Hortelano G
O08_4 Bioencapsulation and microbial transplant, what's the use?
Lacroix, C., Zihler, A., Dostal, A., Fehlbaum, S., Chassard, C.
O08_5 Encapsulation of probiotics for cereal bars
Champagne C., Raymond Y., Guertin N.
O09_1 Calcium carbonate microparticles as carriers for intranasal drug delivery system
Trushina D.B., Borodina T.N., Artemov V.V., Nabatov B.V., Bukreeva T.V.
O09_2 Polymer microcapsules as multifunctional carrier systems for sensing and deliver
Ochs M., del Mercato L.L., Carregal-R., S. Abbasi, A.Z., Yu, X., Parak, W.J.
O09_3 Encapsulation of biopharmaceuticals improves their stabilities and provides cont
Luo, Y., Wang, Q.
O09_4 Pharmaceutical microparticles by spray-drying
Vandamme Thierry and Anton Nicolas
O10_1 Encapsulation of insect repellent for veterinary application
Minost, A.; Fessi, H.; Delaveau, J.; Bolzinger, M.A.; Elaissari, A.
O10_2 Controlled Release of Agrichemicals Using a Root Targeted Delivery Vehicle
Davidson, D., Gu, F.