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XIIIth International Workshop on Bioencapsulation

June 24-26, 2005 - Kingston, Canada

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Ref. Contributions 21 to 40 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O6-1 Selection of coating materials for stabilization of probiotic microorganisms
Picot A., Poncelet D.
O6-2 Evaluation of alginate-pectin capsules in Cheddar cheese as a carrier for folic
Madziva H., Kailasapathy K., Phillips M.
O6-3 Structures and controlled release of flavours and other actives in food products
Zuidam K.-J., Appelqvist I., Heinrich E., van den Oever G.-J.
O6-4 Microencapsulation of enzymes for accelerated cheese ripening
Anjani K., Kailasapathy K., Phillips M.
O7-1 Microencapsulation of bioactive food compounds: a means to increase their bioava
Subirade M
O7-2 Immobilized cell technology for continuous inoculation and prefermentation of mi
Grattepanche F., Audet P., Lacroix C.
O7-3 Role of microencapsulation in biopreservation of safe and healthy foods
Kailasapathy, K
O7-4 Production of concentrated cultures of lactic acid bacteria in alginate gels
Champagne, C.P.
O8-1 Multilayer coating of seeds, a promising technique for production and applicatio
Ivanova E., Aguilar N., Poncelet D.
O8-2 Plant seed oil-bodies as natural micro-capsules
Boucher J., Marison I.W.
O8-3 These unknown immobilized cells
Efremenko E.
O8-4 pH-sensitive characteristics of polyuronic acid chemical gel
Chan A., Neufeld R.
P01 Continuous process for degradation of toxic compounds using a column bioreactor
Kabaivanova L., Dobreva E., Emanuilova E., Chernev G., Samuneva B.
P02 Whole living cell entrapment in hybrid nanomaterials for 4- cyanopyridine biodeg
Chernev G., Samuneva B., Kabaivanova L.*, Dobreva E.*, Emanuilova E.*
P03 Examination of immobilized fungus in the treatment of fat wastewaters
Senko O., Spiricheva O., Lozinsky V., Efremenko E.
P04 Encapsulation of omega-3 fatty acids in a protein matrix
Lavoie C., Remondetto G.E, Angers P., Subirade M.
P05 Preparation of Alginate-Whey Protein Microparticles by Emulsification /Internal
Chen L., Subirade M.
P06 Targeted delivery of compression coated probiotic cells with multi-parameter flo
Huckle B., Hewitt C.J., Zhang Z.
P07 High active immobilized yeast cell for secondary wine making
Stepanov N., Efremenko E.
P08 Design and production of alginate-based microdevices for Sertoli cells encapsula
Bilancetti L., Tosi A., Di Croce S., Mazzitelli S., Bozzuto N., Luca G., Calafio