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COST 840: Formulation and Characterization of Biocompatible Capsules

August 30-September 1, 2002 - Birmingham, UK

Abstract : [1 to 20]

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Ref. Contributions 1 to 20 (Ox.x : Orals; Pxx : Posters) PDF
O1-1 Artificial cell bioencapsulation : macro, micro, nano & molecular
Chang T.M.S.
O1-2 Micro- and nano- encapsulation for drug delivery
Stolnik-Trenkic S.
O1-3 Rationalizing the design of polymeric biomaterials
Hunkeler D., Angelova N.
O1-4 In vitro inhibition of angiogenesis by cell microencapsulation technology
Orive G., Gascon A.R., Hernandez R.M., Igartua M., Pedraz J.L.
O1-5 Dynamic cell/scaffold interactions : implications for cell encapsulation strateg
El Haj A.J., Yang Y., Cartmel S.
O2_6 The release of blue dextran from alginate gel
Wojcik M., Kwiatkowska S.
O2-1 Biodegradable dextran-based microspheres for the controlled release of pharmaceu
Henning W.E., Cadee J.A., Franssen O., Stenekes R.J.H.
O2-2 Physico-chemical events occuring during double emulsion evaporation microencapsu
Grandfils C.
O2-3 High throughput encapsulation with the JetCutter technology
Prusse U., Jahnz U., Wittlich P., Vorlop K.D.
O2-4 Overview of nutraceutical encapsulation
Poncelet D., Chen Y.
O2-5 Encapsulation of enzymes in liposomes : method to obtain high encapsulation effi
Chaize B., Winterhalter M., Fournier D.
O3-1 Market review : encapsulation for food products
Eichler K.
O3-2 Mass transfer coefficient and diffusion coefficient in characterisation of micro
Rosinski S., Lewinska D.
O3-3 Mechanical properties of single alginate microspheres measured by direct compres
Zhang Z., Zhao L.
O3-4 Mechanical properties of nano- and microparticles assessed by an analytical cent
Zhang Z.
O3-5 Heterogeneity of protein loading in poly(DL-lactide co-glycolide) microspheres
Turner P., Coombes A.G.A., Al-Rubeai M.
P-1 Optimising the Inotech system for encapsulation of a mammalian epithelial cell l
Coward S.M., Chalmers S-A., Hodgson H., Selden C.
P-2 Encapsulated lactic acid bacteria for control of malolactic fermentation in wine
Kosseva M.R.
P-3 Alginate -hydroxyapatite - glycerol capsules
Krylova E.A., Lukina I.G., Krylov S.E., Ivanov A.A.
P-5 Enhancing immunogenicity and reducing dose of synthetic vaccines : intradermal i
Montero A., Hernandez R.M., Igartua M., Gascon A.R., Rosas J.E., Patarroyo M.E.,