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Practical Aspects of Encapsulation Technologies - COST 840 Workshop

October 12-14, 2001 - Brauchweigh, Germany

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001 Bead production with JetCutting and rotating disc/nozzel technologies
Pruesse U., Jahnz U., Wittlich P., Breford J., Vorlop K.-D.
011 Cell immobilization by electrostatic droplet generation
Nedovic V., Obradovic B., Poncelet D., Goosen M., Leskosek-Cukalovic I., Bugarsk
019 Use of vibration technology for jet break-up for encapsulation of cells, microbe
Heinzen C., Marison I., Berger A., van Stockar U.
027 Emulsification and microencapsulation: State of art
Poncelet D., Teunou E., Desrumaux A., Della Valle D.
033 Optimization of the pelletization processes - A review
Korakianiti E., Rekkas D.
039 Fluid bed filmcoating
Eichler K.
041 Immobilization of biomaterials into organic-inorganic matrices
Kuncova G., Hetflejs J., Szilva J., Sabata S.
047 Electrostatic microencapsulation of parathyroid cells as a tool for the investig
Rosinski S., Lewinska D., Migaj M., WozniewiczB., Werynski A.
051 Comparison of different encapsulation strategies for living cells and mechanical
Schwinger C., Klemens A., Raum K., Kressler J.
059 Downstream processing of microcapsules: Quality control of capsule morphology, p
Hunkeler D., Wandrey C., Ceausoglu I., Sainz Vidal D., Espinoza D.
063 Application of polycarbamoylsulfonate (PCS) for fabrication of enzyme sensors
Gruendig B.
071 Preparation of monodisperse controlled release microcapsules
Brandau T.
075 Production of Isomalt
Rose T., Kunz M.
081 Significant reduction of energy consumption for sewage treatment by using Lentik
Sievers M., Schaefer S., Jahnz U., Schlieker M., Vorlop K.-D.
087 Biocatalytic asymmetric hydrocyanation in the presence of (R)-oxynitrilases entr
Groeger H., Capan E., Barthuber A., VOrlop K.-D.
093 Aerial conidia of Metarhizium anisopliae subjected to spray drying for encapsula
Horaczek A., Viernstein H.
099 Beads from natural hydrogels as encapsulation matrices for cofactor-dependent en
Ansorge-Schumacher M., Pless G., Metrangolo D., Hartmeier W.
103 Continuous hydrolysis of concentrated sucrose solutions by alginate immobilized
Wojcik M.
107 Investigations into the applicability of polyesters for the immobilization of en
Grunwald P., Arp M., Yang Y., Hensen K.
113 Process development for production of DFA from inulin on an industrial scale: Sc
Jahnz U., Schubert M., Vorlop K.-D.